Peripheral thinking; I’m always saying to my brands think laterally about which talent you work with and to the talent I give the same advice - cross lanes, talk about products maybe no one else is covering yet or is a new area for you. When I met @lauraanderson1x we had lots of interesting chat about her @loveisland experience. Plus in hearing about her current workload I wasn’t that surprised to hear she’s partnering with fashion and makeup brands. That makes perfect sense. As we were saying goodbye Laura mentioned her new podcast to me. It’s with @bbcsounds and she’s in conversation with teens about their ‘firsts’. I loved the concept - Laura is just 30, young to me, but probably at that exact age a teen would think is old without being ancient. With the 💗 🌴 connection they’ll all certainly know who she is and feel Laura can relate to some of their teenage relationship traumas. I bet you Laura gets some great chat from her guests and a surprising insight into their thoughts that us parents will no doubt benefit from. Well done @lauraanderson1x I reckon this will be 💯 my type of podcast 👏🏻 💋 😉