When I was a kid I used to pretend I was @zoetheball on Saturday morning TV and talk and talk and talk in front of my bedroom mirror. Now I’m less of a kid but still in the same mindset TBF, I’m going to be talking (and talking) in front of an actual audience about being your own brand and using your influence to work with complimentary brands to make money. These events/workshops are run by @notaboutthekids and @antoniataylorpr under their Elevate brand. They’re full of excellent advice and practical knowledge, you’ll come away with a real sense of ‘I know what to do now’. I’m not the only speaker - full details in the accounts tagged. But if you’ve ever thought ‘I wonder if I can sell my product/brand on Instagram?’ this is the course for you. Any questions, please ask below or bring them on the day? These events always sell out so def book early to avoid genuine disappointment - the @stokepark setting alone is worth travelling for. 💋 15th March