A double tap rarely means we actually like the post. It’s a; hey, I’m here, I agree, I like that top, I love you, I empathise, I’m showing you my support, I’m doing this because it’s rude if I don’t, you like mine so I’ll like yours, I’m watching, I’ve not really paid any attention to the post but I like everything you do, I have devoured every word you’ve written and I couldn’t agree more, I want to be your friend, I haven’t seen you on here for a while so by liking this I’m telling Instagram I want to see more of you, I was with you at this event, I want to buy, eat, drink, visit this, I’m sorry, I don’t know what else to say, I like you so I’ll like this. It seems Instagram is going ahead with it’s plan to get rid of displaying likes. What do we think about that? I don’t mind it at all. For work I use the number of likes on a talent’s work as a v basic, base barometer of engagement. But I look a lot further than that; comments, story views, Swipe Ups, reach, DMs and saved posts tell you the real story - most of which you can only get by asking the account holder. So now I’m just adding likes to the reporting. Without the public validation of a like, to me this is Instagram forcing content to be king again. Don’t do it for the likes, do it for you. Dress is @kemitelford and I specifically bought this from Yvonne not only because I like her beautiful clothes, but her content, her words and advice are beautiful. This dress needed to come to Venice to get in a boat to dinner 🍝 and stand on a bridge and I liked doing all of that 💋