Or is it on Instagram? I talk a lot about brand campaigns being relevant for the talent, the brand AND the audience. The whole point of the project is to influence the viewer favourably towards the brand right? But sometimes the activity can leave the person watching out in the cold - with a sense of ‘its alright for you (talent) having all that fun and being treated etc and the brand gets the content, but what’s in it for me?’ Increasingly with my projects I’m really analysing what the viewer is going to see and feel when they watch the content and are we being absolutely mindful to include them and make them part of the action, rather than just watching with their noses pressed up against a window? Take this photo; Caption 1 Having a fabulous time with my best buddies @inpolife @comedowntothewoods @thisstyle_rocks larking about @bobbibrownuk before huge launch party @sketchlondon Caption 2 I wear v little make up because I’ve always found the made-up look on me is too ‘done’ and it’s not my style. But I have honestly never seen myself look like I do in this photo and it’s 💯 due to the skills of @bethleahymua working her magic with @bobbibrownuk. For the first time ever I am convinced to buy pretty expensive product because I can see that it enhances rather than masks. I felt so comfortable with it, that rather than stand in the background and watch in awe @inpolife @comedowntothewoods @thisstyle_rocks twist their phones this way and that to create engaging content I actually got IN the picture. I never do that! And look at me all happy and eyes open and everything! I’d 💯 recommend visiting the @bobbibrownuk pro shop for a make up lesson and session in front of their beauty ring. If nothing else it’ll give you the best photo ever to share on here and I guarantee that will make you feel fantastic.