Can you see what AdamBryatt is removing? It isn’t the skin of the mackerel, that black/blue layer remains - he’s peeling off an almost cling film like layer off the top of the skin. This mackerel is going on to be cured in @trinityclapham infamous sexy pickle and served with a white gazpacho, tarragon oil, and grapes. With the fish being served effectively raw, by removing that outer skin Adam is making sure it is absolutely perfect and soft to eat. Not too chewy or fishy. It’s a technique used by the top sushi chefs in Japan and Adam definitely makes the removal look a lot easier than it actually is. Funny that isn’t it? Doing something that looks easy but, in fact, it’s hard. Any of you familiar with that concept? 😆 I’m on a mission to champion content creators at the moment as I’m hearing from so many of you that you’re feeling a bit meh about your work, that the algorithm is getting you down, the comments too spikey, the indecision over what and when to post too overwhelming. Keep going, peel that skin back, show us what you’re all about. For a long, long time @london_sl2 and I have felt that restaurants are missing a trick by focusing mainly on ‘foodie bloggers’ for their reviews. Everyone needs to eat right? What about the fashion crowd, where do they like to be seen and which places are good for kids and what about the fussy eaters, the ones who like a quiet restaurant or tables with sockets so you can eat and charge? So although it’s relatively easy to set up a new account @everyoneneedstoeat it’s hard to finally launch this. Here we go folks. The plan is for us to show restaurants a new way of working with social talent. This isn’t about swapping a free meal for a flat lay 🙄 it’s about getting BTS of the restaurant, explaining as you would to a friend why you’d go there - maybe it’s for the signature dish but equally might be for the Instagramable loos 😉 Huge thanks to @adambyatt for allowing me, my sister @charlottebreen63 and @lizzieloveshealthy into his kitchen. The reasons why we’d send you to @trinitylondon are over on @everyoneneedstoeat.