I’ve been at so many events, run photo calls, assisted on photo and video shoots, been backstage of live TV and organised or attended the most instagenic of social events. But I rarely, #hardlyever, get photo evidence. I just squirm when I have to be facing the camera. I’m much happier looking at a monitor checking that everyone else’s picture is perfect. So when @tiatalula offered to take some photos of just me - she was so gorgeously kind about it - I couldn’t refuse. But I did dress it up as actually a shoot for @spikey_mama and @ladyofthemanor77 @stokepark just to add that extra layer of comfort. Once Tia had taken the shots of the ‘proper models’ I literally faffed about whilst Tia put me completely at ease and look what she got! Eyes open ✅ looking to camera ✅ relaxed smile ✅ I’m off today on a major project - and having had this experience with Tia I’m now less weird about me being in the pics so hopefully I’ll pop up if you’re watching carefully 💋