It’s actually impossible to write a caption about @bowelbabe that doesn’t include all the buzz words of brave and inspirational and amazing. And each time I write something I just scrap it because it doesn’t go anywhere near to doing her justice. From a work perspective, #casting, #connecting, #matching @bowelbabe with @fandfclothing was one of the fastest contracts I’ve pulled off. And that was largely down to the fact that Tesco immediately recognised and grabbed the opportunity to have Debs as a brand partner for their @fandfclothing range. Who wouldn’t want this woman cheering them on?? Alongside her treatment for bowel cancer and mothering and managing a house renovation and writing her column for The Sun and showing SCD her moves on the underground and recording her podcast and having normal arguments with her husband and sharing that on here, Debs has been supporting @yourgotri this month and doing so in her @fandfclothing fitwear. And so you’ll see how it is impossible for me not to say that I really have been so inspired by Debs so much so that I’m doing an actual triathlon with @sarah_bracken123 on Thursday.