Now my Olivia is all dressed up and ready for the #oscars2019 to escort her client Olivia Coleman up the red carpet and🤞🏼to the winner’s stage. It’s testimony to what a great agent @ohomanorr is, and how gorgeous and kind a woman Olivia Coleman, is that OC made sure my Olivia had a beautiful dress for the awards. I wonder how many other nominees looked after their agents so well? I messaged my Olive yesterday, as she was preparing to fly, to say how proud I am of her and how simply beautiful she looks. But I’ve woken today to the news that Virgin have lost her case with her dress and shoes and make up and EVERYTHING!! 😱🤯😭 What a shocker. So I am on operation #dressolive. Who’s in LA and can get this girl sorted for 👗 and 👠 and 💄 so that amazing Olivia Coleman has her amazing agent Olivia right by her side!