But THIS was no ordinary event. Yes there were bloggers and a ginormous sculpture (? ) of RYVITA made of flowers and green smoothies and photogenic spots everywhere and lots of red lip 💋....all the sure fire signs of an influencer event. But this, well this was a masterclass. The talent (some of which I cast) were there courtesy of @ryvitauk to learn all about gut health and the vital importance of fibre. I was so convinced by the evidence - discussed by @davinamccall @theguthealthdoctor @bowelbabe - I genuinely bought a pack of Ryvita on the way home. Headline facts; Far from ‘just making us 💩’ fibre is essential for maintaining a healthy gut The aim is to eat 30g of fibre a day, 9/10 of us are nowhere near this Humans have no use for fibre, its sole purpose is to feed the bacteria in our intestine Recent reports have shown links between a healthy gut and improved mental health 👏🏻 @ryvitauk for really getting the creative juices flowing today - an inspiring and educational event