) will know we are in the middle of a 🏠 renovation. @katrina_burroughs rightly discusses the rise of Instagram and its key interiors influencers as the main source of home deco inspo in @sundaytimeshome today. Of course I am pouring over my fave accounts, including @_lisa_dawson_ @2lgstudio @patirobins @melanielissackinteriors @sophierobinsoninteriors @gold_is_a_neutral @pinkhouseliving and nabbing their ideas. But whilst I am slap bang in the middle of the work what I’m looking for is advice on how to cope with the mess and the dust and the disruption. I’m only 2 weeks in but I’ve already got some tips I will share here; number 1 - however desperate you get, don’t use the washing up liquid that’s hanging out in your bathroom because that’s your make shift sink now - for shampoo 🙈 Even if it is the fancy Waitrose one - antibacterial washing up liquid ain’t gonna make my locks shine