Does @bowelbabe need an introduction? I’m actually writing this direct to you Debs because have you written that list yet? We all love a list right, and of course you write things on there you’ve already done just to tick them off. But have you ever considered that just because you’ve written it down doesn’t mean you have to do it? Shock, horror - what am I saying? Imagine that...I’m suggesting that if you commit a task to paper you don’t actually have to do it! In fact I’m going one further by saying - write the list and by all means ✅ away for jobs done - but also consider the mighty strike through! The red line of ‘nope, not going to happen. Because I can’t, shouldn’t, don’t want to. Prioritising and letting things come off ‘the list’ is a real skill, I’ve been helping #boardingboy with it this week when he phoned in a panic about the amount of prep he has to do. And I also consulted with an emerging brand this week and again - we talked about how to identify the opportunities to take and those to move on from. Take a red pen and strike through - go on, try it. This is @bowelbabe resplendent in a new season dress from @fandfclothing 💋