Cracking the whip with the builders today as our 6 month 🏠 reno is coming to an END tomorrow. The furniture is coming back and that is that. This is the second time we have worked on this property and this time we fixed all the things we got wrong the first time. Funny what you learn from mistakes isn’t it? I’ve learnt so, so much this time round too - my head literally 🤯 at times with the building jargon and the umpteen decisions. My absolute best advice though is to find a set of v comfy, not scruffy loungewear and this set #gifted to my by the amazing Jo @blackwhitedenim from their in-house BWDBasics range has kept me looking reasonable whilst I have been 🤔😰🙄😳😤 thru most of this project! And as much as I’m excited to get a sofa and a TV and table and chairs back - this de-cluttered look is rather fabulous isn’t it?