I actually love it. I get that sort of fizzy feeling when I’m on a roll - all a bit keen and way over talkative. I have been known to get overexcited in meetings as I’m literally bursting with ideas about what they could - oh scratch that, who am I kidding I mean SHOULD - be doing. But then with that high comes the crash. The crush of rejection. And I definitely do make the mistake of taking them personally. And oh yeah it’s them because I have had loads and loads of No’s. This one is pretty brutal. At first I was really 😡 with this dismissive response. I mean it IS rude isn’t it? But I can look at it a different way. I get No’s because I’m continually pushing the boundaries of where I want to take social marketing, my casting and ideas for campaigns. I’m not preaching to the converted - I’m often at square one explaining to the skeptics. And No’s sometimes mean; I don’t quite get what you’re saying so I’ll just block it. Which means I need to be more fluent with my pitch; sometimes I’m not always absolutely sure what I am saying - or I am, but I falter with my confidence because what if I’m not right? Stepping into new territory is always a risk - but what’s the worst that can happen? Perhaps a No like this one, which whilst a bit 😳☹️ at the time, I can take it. I’d almost bet that these guys come back to me soon enough saying “what was that you were saying again....?” And besides - there’s always their competitors 😉