The challenge is then to bring the project in on budget and on time. Making sure that both brand and talent and sometimes their respective spokespeople (PR agency and agent typically) are all clear about what’s happening. Often there are multiple elements to the campaign, such as attending a physical event or briefing and then set dates for delivering content across stories, grid, IGTV and live. The thing is, everything is possible and it’s great to be as collaborative and creative as we can so that brand, talent and the audience benefit. Our job is to make sure it all runs smoothly and often that is just about being as clear as possible about all the various elements of the project. If I’m the creative and the person that brings people together - @london_sl2 is the detail. Thanks @pinkhouseliving for recognising that in amongst the ‘fun’ of plotting a really great campaign, it’s so important to just be clear about what’s what. 💋