We have pretty much taken down every internal wall on the ground floor, so we live in one space but with separate areas for @london_sl2 and his wine, for #boardingboy to teen 🙄 and for me to potter and tidy. But this room, just as you enter the house was my closed door. The room I just didn’t want to think about. I shut it off - physically and metaphorically. And whilst I’m an advocate of that approach when you need it, there comes a time when the door needs opening. The @nohouserules events are all about opening doors. Literally; hosts such as @foxleamanor opened her doors to us last week, lots of smaller brands see the value in supporting the events with their goody bag entries and all the attendees open their minds to the possibilities of what Instagram can do for them. And @thisstyle_rocks and @comedowntothewoods open their considerable knowledge book on how and what and why this platform can be such a welcoming and positive space. Much like how this room is a positive space for me now; a welcome sight rather than a closed door. #boardingboy has nicknamed it the gallery. I’m delighted with that because it’s secretly hiding a plethora of football boots, dog leads, gym kit and shopping bags. The cushions were v v kindly gifted to me from @chandanwhittle and the bring pink ball is @mizzknits handy work 💋