Working with lovely brands, devising social media campaigns that will drive commentary and action, spotting up and coming social talent, casting the big Instagram names, working out contracts and fees, paying people on time (thanks to @london_sl2 and of course the Instagram worthy events. What you don’t see is the set up and plans that go on behind the scenes - sometimes for months. The original pitch. Trying to get exactly the right cast together, on budget and all available on the same day. Negotiating rates and content. Venue sourcing, travel arrangements, technical requirements, music, food, arranging product to be sent. And then there’s always the physical set up and take down. Which is how I find myself on a hot evening going into town to meet the client to unload a van and get the venue ready ahead of an event tomorrow. This bit’s not so cool - but I’m trying 😉 Big 💋 to @nikzac @fandfclothing and the whole team there, for being dream clients and incredibly organised. We are going to 🙌🏽 this 💋