You know when people say their phone is blowing up and you think ‘yeah right, whatevs’. My phone IS blowing up. And the only reason I’m even writing that (rather dull) fact down is so I can come back and read this when I’m doubting myself again. When I’m waiting for a response from a pitch. Or reading a rejection ‘thanks but no thanks’ email. Or pacing the kitchen stressing about a project. I had an idea. @nic_zak saw the potential and we ran with it. Or should I say strut? There’s already masses of coverage about this campaign for @fandfclothing and their #FANDFSWIM range. The numbers on engagement and sales are still coming in. But if we were counting smiles and positivity as success then we absolutely smashed it. What a cast. @schoolofstrut we are your pupils. We strut in front of you. 👏🏻 💋