Trust the simmer. @thetiffanyhan @notaboutthekids and @antoniataylorpr host Elevate events that help develop your personal brand. For the attendees, whilst they’re treated to the spoils of the lovely venue @stokepark, they’re required to work pretty hard in the room. Whether that’s to experiment with side or face-on selfie lighting, to the tricky business of writing an About Me page which is really all about your customer (a v clever tip from @antoniataylorpr that you have to hear in person to really get. ) It’s all very well hosting a branding workshop and firing up your attendees with inspiration and a ‘can do’ attitude. And this is certainly what Helen and Toni do - there is a LOT to take in (although all slides and handouts are thoughtfully emailed at the end of the session) and I would say all guests leave with very practical ideas on what they have to do next to grow their business. But what’s really insightful is this very wise notion shared; a quote from @thetiffanyhan ‘Let things take as long as they need. Trust the simmer.’ So for everyone leaving that fabulous day, hopefully fizzing with ideas of what and when to do and how and why and who to reach out to and all those lovely ideas - go for it - and please ask me if I can help you in any way - but trust the simmer and don’t expect to reach boiling point asap. And for anyone who hasn’t yet been on an Elevate course I would hugely encourage you to do so. Keep an eye on @notaboutthekids and @antoniataylorpr feed for details of their next one. Spaces are always limited.