The Barlow and I tell you something, I spotted his potential right from the off. Whilst everyone else was putting posters of Mark, Robbie et al on their walls (posters on walls, maybe that’s why we’re all obsessed with picture galleries now eh? ) I was Gary all the way. People may have laughed then...but look at him now 😍😍 But this is my other Gary, well not at all mine due to his gazillion followers @garyvee. Everything he says about work and making money and getting on and business is pretty much perfect. I’m committing this particular snippet of advice to my feed because gifting is probably the number one area brands (big and especially small) ask advice on. And on a wider perspective- the whole social networking thing, making friends and connections is ultimately about being generous. Reach out to people because you can genuinely help them, rather than for your own gain. I’ll be talking about how to crack gifting at the @nohouserules event with @comedowntothewoods and @thisstyle_rocks. If you’ve got a particular question, fire away and we can have a little chat about it here. Gifts or Gary - I’m happy to chat about either 💋 😉