I want to talk about money and not only how it doesn’t grow on trees but also that conversations about it can be rather fruitless. Money chat, when talking about services like wills, pensions, investments, stocks and shares, savings, insurance is often way too complicated and/or not interesting. But really - it should be the MOST fascinating because we all need money right? And we all want to make ours work harder? When I went this week to talk to a city investment firm about the use of social to share content about everything money, I was met with some skepticism. But to be completely fair, they took the meeting and they could not have been more welcoming. And I earned myself a second meet for me to pitch my more specific ideas about just how conversations around money and taking care of it, can be shared here. Via my campaigns, I have broken down some pretty tricky and hard hitting conversations - tackling the menopause (long before anyone else was), fatbergs due to disposal of tampons down the loo and even held an event to chat all things laundry that was way more interesting that it initially sounds. Money and financial services is my next target. Let’s make money. And let’s make money chat accessible, useful and positive.