Right from the off Emily approached her blog @pinkhouseliving - as a brand in itself. Much like her fellow Scot, JK Rowling, who supposedly knew the whole HP story before she wrote it - Emily too had her plan mapped out. This was one of the first accounts I could recognise as having a consistence message and on brand images over and over. Lots of the successful accounts on here say - and they mean this genuinely - that they don’t quite know why they took off or what they did that made them so popular. But Emily had a plan, she knew what she was doing and I’ve been 👏🏻 and 🙌🏽 her on all the way. I cheered especially loud when she moved down to London because it meant we could meet and work together IRL. Where I discovered that perhaps one secret to her success, despite being ferociously bright, is her absolute love and finding the fun in what she does. Anyone who wants to try and ‘learn’ how to do social - and I say that with a caveat that it’s not necessarily something that’s taught - would do v well to watch Emily. Go back into the history of her feed and see how it’s evolved but retained it’s theme and had a clear direction. And certainly keep an eye out for what Emily does next because it will be a guide for us all. Oh and buy the book because it’s gorgeous. Emily celebrated the launch of her book @sketchlondon and providing pink rosé from @mirabeauwine was just too easy a match to make. 💗💗💗