I know. The Daily Mail can infuriate with its content. But when just a few days ago The Times’ Deborah Ross slates the influencer industry in one breathtaking swipe, the Mail brings us this on @carolinehirons I just have to commend them. Unlike The Times, they’ve actually gone to the effort of understanding why Caroline is such a force to be reckoned with and explained how her business works. Who doesn’t love Caroline on here, I mean we all do right? I’m a huge huge fan and pretty proud that she once said she liked my sequin jacket - which I may have worn surreptitiously just for her 😉 There’s actually way more to Caroline’s story and why she is such a phenomenal success - and continues to break ground - but at least the Mail have scratched the surface and rather than just whine about it, have embraced her story and so for that 👏