Arguing for the motion was my (and most other’s) agency guru @spencergall_ and The Bipolar Businessman. The debate was perhaps more directed at the big agency and client relationships and was full of lively discussion about the lengthy and expensive pitch process, clients demanding more for their money and the agencies’ role in managing these relationships. I was there to represent the blogger/talent crowd. As content creators you guys are mini agencies aren’t you? Receiving briefs, suggesting ideas, crafting content, writing copy, styling shoots... One of the big discussion points was money and how lengthy payment runs, and even then tedious delays to pay, cause a massive impact on mental health. And this was the big agencies saying this - I know for a fact that brands working with bloggers and then not paying in a timely way is a major issue. That’s why we make it an absolute priority to pay talent ASAP. @london_sl2 pays the very same day - I’ve got a story highlights tab of him paying within minutes of the bill being received. We sort of take it to an extreme because we’re trying to make a point here. For brands to keep working with social talent the way they want to, because you guys deliver results for their marketing spend, these clients are going to have to rethink their payment structure. 60, even 90 day payment runs are way out of date and even then I know you have to chase and put up with excuses. What are your favourite late payment tales? Mine is the old ‘Oh sorry, I must have missed your invoice. Please can you resend?’ 🙄