I’ve actually got examples if you’re interested? The menopause - everyone’s talking about it now right, I did a big event on the subject early last year. Who isn’t following @rosemarinoramsey? Sort that out straight away - she’s justifiably earned her blue tick today - I cast her in a project this Feb. And @mirabeauwine? Well let’s just say I’ve been drinking that for longer than I should probably admit. Thing is, it’s not because I’m some mystic meg - maybe I kiss a lot of frogs to find the gems? 🤔 When @stokepark asked if @em_clarkson and I to come and try out their new Padel courts I have to admit I was in it more for the lunch and spa action afterwards. But I am totally sold. It’s a cross between tennis and squash. You play in pairs on a court a bit smaller than a tennis court, over a net with glass walls that the ball can bounce off. It sounds a bit random - to play it’s brilliant and pretty easy to pick up. I can totally see why it’s the no. 2 sport in Spain (after football) and why @stokepark have invested in these courts. 👏🏻 to Tom @britishpadel for bringing the game to Britain - I’m predicting BIG things. Remember who told you first folks. 💋