I don’t mean I’ve taken 12 months to physically get there - that would be one hell of a commute! I mean that it’s been one of those I’ve been scrapping away at for a year - you know when you’re basically pestering via pseudo polite ‘check in’ emails and social stalking? So today is the day and despite having planned my outfit the night before, as my mate @blackwhitedenim tells me - literally as @london_sl2 is shouting at me that the 🚖 is here - I change out of my paint splashed and ripped jeans and camo jacket and opt for more formal black trews and pinstripe. I just thought what if the ‘trendy’ outfit completely puts him off and that’s the reason I don’t get the job? (Completely irrational and all my own self sabotage 🤯) No time to change my bag so grab the 🐆print @giftpopboutique and go. First thing he says when he arrives at said, long-awaited meeting ‘love your bag’. 👊🏼👊🏼 And PS he’s in jeans and a tee - never again am I talking myself into some corporate con-formative outfit.