I’ve been here for what feels like from the beginning and I’m constantly learning and developing my ideas. One tactic that has remained solid though, in boosting my actual enjoyment on here, has been real life meet ups and developing followers/followees into actual friends. Nothing beats getting together IRL - whether that’s turning up to a panel event to listen to someone speak or attending a workshop/press day on my own but quickly realising I’m surrounded by people I know by their handle or even taking a DM chat offline and into a cafe/bar. When @comedowntothewoods and @thisstyle_rocks asked me to join them for the @nohouserules events to talk about how brands and talent can best work together I was so flattered. Amy and Katy run a v slick, jam packed, generous workshop - #fallingbackinlovewiththegram. It’s for anyone who’s just starting to build their account on here, to weary bloggers who feel they’ve reached a plateau and brands who are realising the grid is their new website and social comms needs to represent a significant potion of their marketing budget. Brands and bloggers attend and as well as listening to every nugget of advice from Katie and Amy - there’s also loads of sharing best practice with each other. I’m only a guest speaker - I’m there all day because, like I said, I want to keep learning (and I do, every time) - but my bit is to cover off how talent can switch up from gifting to paid work and how brands can find and work with their target bloggers most effectively. I could go on and on and on about really how brilliant these courses are. They’re also pretty rare as @thisstyle_rocks and @comedowntothewoods are busy enough with their own accounts (and real lives). So if/when you get the opportunity to meet the girls in real life and listen to their advice and, crucially, have them listen to you and your particular Instagram gripe, question or query, then I cannot recommend @nohouserules enough. I’m so thrilled they’re bringing this mother of a course to my home county; we are being hosted by the magnificent @foxleamanor 4.7.19 and it’s going to be glorious.