Marketing a restaurant, cafe, or bar has traditionally been limited to reviews in local and national media, or purchasing expensive advertising that is difficult to measure. However with the explosion of social media influencers there is now an opportunity to receive lots of exposure for very little cost.

What is ENTE?

Everyone Needs to Eat is a service for restaurant, cafe, and bar owners whereby Instagram influencers are given a dedicated offer and in return the Influencer posts on their instagram grid and/or stories.

The offers can be made as general or as bespoke as the owners would like. For example, only influencers with a following of over 10,000 could be considered and then given 'stepped' offers e.g. between 10k-30k they could be given a free coffee/starter/cocktail, over 100k a free meal/evening of drinks.

We provide advice on what offers will achieve your aims, and connect you with suitable influencers. Unlike automated platforms we personally select appropriate influencers and handle all negotiations.


Due to our constant interaction with influencers, they have highlighted a gap whereby they often need to go somewhere for lunch or even just stop between events and have a coffee (or matcha tea!). Restaurants, cafes, and bars need exposure. Everyone Needs to Eat leverages the fact that 'everyone needs to eat (and drink!)', with every business needing marketing exposure.

Hospitality businesses generally do not carry out large social media marketing campaigns. It is unlikely that the cost of such a campaign would see a return, however, especially in the food and beverage industry, 'smaller' but constant mentions in social media do have an effect.

Instagram is becoming the most important search engine for food and travel.