My family home is just south of Manchester, as is @london_sl2’s. So I am absolutely delighted to have been invited to take part in the @nohouserules Instagram masterclass at the iconic @arighibianchi in Macclesfield. It’s so strange, I went to school with some of the Bianchis, my sister went out with one of them, I can remember my mum taking day trips with her fancy friends to their store for a really swish day out. It’s a massive deal for me to be going back ‘home’ and talking about what I do. I’ll come off memory lane and tell you what the course is all about; it’s run by @comedowntothewoods and @thisstyle_rocks - 2 absolute integral powerhouses - and covers building your account whether you’re a brand or a business. You’ll learn about some v practical Instagram tricks, how to really understand your ‘numbers’ and what it takes to build a viable business on here. I’m there to talk about how brands can work with social talent and advise bloggers how they can get the brand deals. Visit @nohouserules for full details and see you there? And to all my family up in Cheshire who seem to constantly ask what I do - you’re v welcome to come on this course and find out! 😉 😘