?’ . Well yes, people did (still do) watch, in their hundreds of thousands (now millions). When I first suggested to @thermomixuk that we look to earn coverage with social media it was met with some, understandable, trepidation. But they went with my instinct and off we go to Tanya and Jim’s house to introduce them to the TM5. This was also back in the day when you’d gift with no pre arranged ‘coverage in return’ it was all just done on the trust model. Tanya could not have been more charming and attentive as we showed her round the Thermomix and we left them to it. Some weeks later I literally flew into @london_sl2’s office saying “my Twitter is in meltdown, @tanyaburr’s sat next to her Thermomix”. Awwww sounds sweet now when I write it down. Good old Twitter. Really though what I’m trying to say is a) I won’t have anyone say any different, @tanyaburr is an absolute genius for understanding social way before most of us and b) trust your instincts