And the person wrote one line on the paper and left the room. The line? “This is courage.” - I often think about this. Is it a genius answer? Or was it a lazy way of getting out of answering a very difficult question? - Very often courageous and brave people never feel that they are. They shrug it off. And in fact I have to say it often strikes me that when the chips are really down, when the human spirit is challenged in the most extreme way; the brave person really is just rising to the challenge. They don’t feel brave because it’s a natural instinct to push on and meet the challenge whether that’s fighting illness, forging a new career, waking up for a crying baby for the 27th time in a night, jumping out of a plane for charity or standing up for someone. - I’d like to dedicate this to all the brave people on this platform that are putting themselves out there; to entertain, to educate, to challenge, to question, to learn. It’s tough to create content but I’m grateful you are and despite it being hard sometimes, please keep doing it. - I’m wearing a @catapultclothing BRAVE tee made and sold in honour of my friend @alexasmallwood. And I’m eating a @filthfoods by