Brand posts ‘offer’ on the platform, blogger applies and the whole process is managed by the platform’s sophisticated tech. Now whilst I thought this was v clever I still felt the human eye and touch was needed. To counter between talent and brand, to reassure and smooth over any concerns and to uplift the campaign depending on what each talent can bring to the table. Today, more than ever, I am adamant that this process is a person to person business. That’s why I call it ‘casting’; I’m not just connecting brand x with blogger y. It’s thinking about who will work well together, the combination of BIG name with fresh talent, regional variations, bloggers working outside of their usual content and most importantly who really is the best person to tell this story? It’s definitely the long way round, but for me, the only way. Thanks for the content @nikspeller - you speak a lot of sense 🙌🏻