I was asked onto the @vicderbyshire show @bbctwo to discuss the cast for this year’s #loveisland. I’d written copious notes about what I wanted to say, I know with live TV you’ve got to seize your moment to get your point across. At least I managed to sneak in my ‘authenticity is the new influence’ mantra. My line is that Love Island producers have missed an opportunity here. There is a wealth of empowering #bodypositive content on social media at the moment. Women running marathons in their swimwear @bryonygordon and @bowelbabe, or dancing in their cossies @chessiekingg @em_clarkson I’m looking at you beauties. This was a moment for Love Island to tap into that heartbeat, the drum of #bodyconfidence and present to us a cast that is as inclusive as it is interesting, even inspiring. Traditional media missing the beat, again. Thanks to @lauraanderson1x for being my sparring partner 💋