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Come back with me to the days when Twitter ruled and YouTube stars, such as @tanyaburr were absolute trail blazers in grasping these social platforms with all their creativity and showing us just what was possible - and often up against everyone saying ‘so you just faff about at home making videos and people watch them?
?’ . Well yes, people did (still do) watch, in their hundreds of thousands (now millions). When I first suggested to @thermomixuk that we look to earn coverage with social media it was met with some, understandable, trepidation. But they went with my instinct and off we go to Tanya and Jim’s house to introduce them to the TM5. This was also back in the day when you’d gift with no pre arranged ‘coverage in return’ it was all just done on the trust model. Tanya could not have been more charming and attentive as we showed her round the Thermomix and we left them to it. Some weeks later I literally flew into @london_sl2’s office saying “my Twitter is in meltdown, @tanyaburr’s sat next to her Thermomix”. Awwww sounds sweet now when I write it down. Good old Twitter. Really though what I’m trying to say is a) I won’t have anyone say any different, @tanyaburr is an absolute genius for understanding social way before most of us and b) trust your instincts
Had a meeting today I’ve been trying to get to for 12 months.
I don’t mean I’ve taken 12 months to physically get there - that would be one hell of a commute! I mean that it’s been one of those I’ve been scrapping away at for a year - you know when you’re basically pestering via pseudo polite ‘check in’ emails and social stalking? So today is the day and despite having planned my outfit the night before, as my mate @blackwhitedenim tells me - literally as @london_sl2 is shouting at me that the 🚖 is here - I change out of my paint splashed and ripped jeans and camo jacket and opt for more formal black trews and pinstripe. I just thought what if the ‘trendy’ outfit completely puts him off and that’s the reason I don’t get the job? (Completely irrational and all my own self sabotage 🤯) No time to change my bag so grab the 🐆print @giftpopboutique and go. First thing he says when he arrives at said, long-awaited meeting ‘love your bag’. 👊🏼👊🏼 And PS he’s in jeans and a tee - never again am I talking myself into some corporate con-formative outfit.
How fantastic is @drranj - I just love love love him.
Actually sat here marvelling at how bloody well he did - I haven’t even watched the score bit yet. I’m just going over and over his dance; his enthusiasm, his hips, his smile. I mean?!?! I’ve had the absolute pleasure of knowing Ranj for a few years and know how much this means to him and also - as with anything he does - how he will throw everything he has at it and be 💯 committed and amazing. Ranj you really are a super hero 👏🏼💋🙌🏼 with v v nifty feet
List of things I’m thinking about as I lean ever so casually against the doorway @stokepark; .
#boardingboy seems settled, almost too much so - we have barely any contact. I know no news is good news, but a bit more insight into, as @london_sl2 puts it “what the hell is going on” would be nice . Building work on 🏠 started today - yikes, we really are living in a building site. That @thermomixuk better come into its own because I’m not living off toast and take-aways . Summer is definitely over as far as work is concerned and so I’m plotting a number of events and campaigns between now and Christmas (yep, I used the C word) and they need finalising and sorting . So how @notaboutthekids managed to get me looking so nonchalant and casual today is a mystery. I think just being photographed by someone who I know is an epic editor and creator helped. Plus she was mega patient and didn’t make me feel like a weirdo
Seconds after this was taken I smashed the glass on the tiled kitchen floor and promptly stood in a piece of glass.
So now I’m banished outside waiting for supper whilst the boys tutt about how clumsy I am. But the staged pic (and the dodgy composition and post pic mishap tells you I’m not in my natural habitat, posing for the Gram) was to honour the @miele_gb dishwasher here in our place in France. My mother in law put it in at least 20 years ago and if you peer closely there’s a little sticker where she gives instructions about operating because she doesn’t want any of us to mess with the Miele. And lo and behold we take care of this baby because, yes I love the French wine and the cheese and the bread and the sunshine and the ham. But I tell you what - a spanking brilliant dishwasher, that gets your holiday dishes done, EVERY time, is absolutely the business. Until next year Miele....and the year after that and the year after that and the year.....
Back in Nov 17, I put together worked a campaign for @oasisfashion.
We hosted a day of workshops at their flagship store on Tott Ct Rd, upstairs in their very cute cafe. Having had talks about flexible working, nutrition and fashion the evening was handed over to @charlycox1 and her poetry. Charly’s session that night @oasisfashion was packed and she so eloquently and confidently read her poems - it was exquisite. Just look at her face - it says it all. What I enjoy most about my projects is finding the up-and-comers, the influencers everyone WILL be talking about. I feel that’s part of the skill I bring to the table (humble brag). I was introduced to Charly by @scarcurtis and I just knew she had that appeal that would translate to creative content; plus a poet well under 30, in 2018 - that’s got to be a winning formula right? Fast fwd to this week and she’s just launched her first book of poetry #shemustbemad and represented by talent giants @gleamtitles 👏🏼 Charly, you’re utterly gorgeous and talented and, like I said from the beginning, it’s all looking good from here 🌟
Stranded on the tarmac at Gatwick waiting to take off for 🇮🇹
Going thru’ the airport I was asked 3 times about this jacket - @warehouseuk, teamed with their gold cami. Styled by @domandink who is the absolute bizness. And when I say #styled, that sounds awfully grand doesn’t it? Truth is Dom is your best mate and biggest champion in the changing rooms. He won’t push you to try anything you really don’t like, but he will 💯 boost your confidence and make you feel lovely. And you’ll laugh a lot - just be prepared for ALL his banter. It doesn’t stop. Lovely project with @warehouseuk coming up - but for now, come on ✈️ all the 🍕 in Napoli is waiting for me
#throwbackthursday A year ago I cast this crew for a day of workshops @oasisfashion.
And then today this is exactly what they’re up to 12 months on; @mother_pukka is bringing her #flexappeal campaign to the Welsh Assembly and will be leading her flash mob in Cardiff tmw (if you get the chance you must join in) @charlycox1 with a significant best seller in her armour now, was on @bbcwomanshour this morning @iamalisonperry is just 2 weeks away from giving birth to her baby twins 👶 👶 @lily_soutter_nutrition has continued all year to run incredible nutrition workshops for brands and is now doing an MSc And me? I’m still creating campaigns and casting talent for brands and, if I get it right, the crews are still as strong as this one 👊🏼 💋🙌🏼💯👌🏼
Oi @kvhcasting do what my bag says and #CallMe because I’ve told the @2lgstudio all about you 😘
Gorgeous to meet this pair at the @riverislandpr homewares launch. The boys talked about how often clients’ homes are nothing like how they dress - struck a cord with me as sadly no animal prints chez Brough - why is that @london_sl2 ??? Also drank🥂 with @gold_is_a_neutral and @littlebigbell - fabulous evening - watch out fashion because Interiors is coming home
You may have noticed that half of Instagram was in Greece this Summer.
Complete coincidence that we were there, courtesy of @azagas and family. But we took our ‘work’ seriously and sought out the best Slouvaki, the most stunning sunsets and became experts at hopping on and off boats and into the crystal water. In Athens I learnt that the Ancient Greeks were the first civilisation to celebrate the creativity of mankind and that the individual was perceived as an independent person and of high value. That seems like a tremendous approach to take into this new year - #backtoschool #backtowork #backtothegrind I’m going to be more like the Greeks - I’ll be me and you be you. PS for some more professional photos of Greece and especially Hydra, where we were, have a look @amelialiana 📷 and also @katyhillmyworld who did the most amazing island hopping tour.
“This is about looking into the eyes of your children or those you care for and, rather than approaching them with a template about who they might be, trying to understand who they really are.
Left to their own devices, what are they drawn to do? What kinds of activities do they tend to engage in voluntarily? What sorts of aptitude do they suggest? What absorbs them most? What sort of questions do they ask, and what type of points do they make?” Ken Robinson; The Element. How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything Holiday reading and the most beautiful of spots on Hydra island giving me all the inspo today
I’m calling this post ‘rising to the occasion.’ When working with social talent brands don’t always have an absolute brief for how they want the campaign to work.
And this isn’t for lack of thought - far from it. It tends to mean they’re open to suggestion, to let the relationship develop and allow the creative to do what they do best. So it always makes me really 🙌🏼👍🏼😍 when talent rise to the occasion - and don’t just pose and post. Eagle eyed amongst you will spot @london_sl2 in this - yes that’s him out of his trade mark shorts and flip flops. He certainly dressed for the occasion
I think curated feeds (plotting your pictures so the page looks magazine style) are so clever and creative.
I do love them. But I can’t do them. But that gives me the freedom to just post what/when I like. This morning the 🤓 in me is inspired by this @mymarketinsightltd ranking of haircare #beautybloggers, not by follower numbers, but by engagement #views and #likes. Whilst size of audience is important when figuring out which influencers to connect with, I’ve been much more focused on engagement, especially when talked about as a percentage of following. My job is to connect brands with social talent and creatives. So finding and working with those people who have a real connection with their audience, genuine influence is so, so important. And well done to all the #beautybloggers on this list, especially a shout out to @josieldn who I’ve worked with from the start and always knew she was a firecracker 💗💗
This is a throwback to a campaign I ran with @warehouseuk back in June.
I had to gather some stats to show a potential client what an influencer campaign looked like. It’s easy on the eye to look at these sunny, glossy pictures captured by the fabulous crew that made up this trip. What’s satisfying and especially important from the business end is to analyse the stats; 250,000 Insta story views were clocked up on this 24 hour trip and 20,000 engagements and comments from the main feed posts. Thank you @sophiestanbury @lizzieloveshealthy @lobellaloves_jo @inpolife @ultimategirlgang @stylemesunday for your company and creativity.
Some sense of routine and back-to-work-itis has resumed in this house.
Courtesy of #boardingboy being on a pre season ⚽️ course and a bit of rain to keep me indoors, and therefore able to clear through emails faster than my tan is fading 😔 Couldn’t be happier to ease myself back to the day job than with a meeting with @mrsfroggyfletcher and her divine #brandnew #soontobelaunched @babybarebubbles Some 18 months in the making, via 2 pregnancies and 3 babies (all hers! ) this is one of the most impressive projects I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of. Just look at these beautiful boxes, with illustrations from @that_mummy_smile - product coming next week and launch happening as soon as we can all get back into a proper routine and stop this silly holiday nonsense
Holiday reading number 2.
@dollyalderton’s wonderful #everythingiknowaboutlove I could have picked so many quotes from here; made me laugh, tear up and shake my head in agreement. But at the end of a holiday in Greece at which I’ve soaked up everything the country has to offer, this line seems the most apt. Starters for ever. What’s even the point of eating out if you don’t even start.
Last night I couldn’t help but think how the parents of the England players must have felt for their sons.
Can you imagine? So, so proud of them but also so concerned for their upset and disappointment. I’m so inspired by the team and all the hugely positive messages that have come from this team. What a time for the beautiful game. My own #boardingboy was understandably gutted with the result. But I shared this quote with him from the England team’s psychologist, Dr Pippa Grange; “I’d like to turn this unhealthy preoccupation with success on its head and put it on the record that I think failure is really useful. For without failure we cannot progress longer, higher or faster. It’s a funny paradox – our successes are achieved through trying, and trying most often ends in failure. Every day in our general lives and our sporting lives we will win some and lose some; it’s just part of the way life should be. It could be missing out on a promotion, being pipped at the line in a running race or bombing out in an exam – it doesn’t matter – the important lesson is to learn from our failures, reassess, rethink, move forward (sometimes in a different direction) and keep those dreams and goals alive.”
It was @danny_bent who first talked to me about finding your tribe back in 2015.
Early days for tackling a theme that is now quite commonplace on social and IRL. Danny’s wisdom is all about finding and sticking with the people that make you tick, that support you, make you laugh, bring out the best in you, tolerate your worst bits. There’s no point scrolling Instagram feeling fed up or annoyed with what you’re seeing. If you don’t like it, unfollow and move on. Find the accounts that inspire, teach, tickle, move, enthuse. Unlike a traditional news source where an editor decides what you need to see, instagram is your own personal news feed. You choose the headlines and the features. Checking your feed should be a positive engagement every time. If it isn’t - change what you see. As more of us curate our feeds, brands will have to work harder to work their way into these tribes - which will mean more creative ways of working with the right talent. This photo is definitely me with one of my IRL tribes. My Monday morning touch 🏉 squad with #boardingboy guests.
The 🦅 eyed amongst you (and EVERYONE I’ve spoken to 🙄
) will know we are in the middle of a 🏠 renovation. @katrina_burroughs rightly discusses the rise of Instagram and its key interiors influencers as the main source of home deco inspo in @sundaytimeshome today. Of course I am pouring over my fave accounts, including @_lisa_dawson_ @2lgstudio @patirobins @melanielissackinteriors @sophierobinsoninteriors @gold_is_a_neutral @pinkhouseliving and nabbing their ideas. But whilst I am slap bang in the middle of the work what I’m looking for is advice on how to cope with the mess and the dust and the disruption. I’m only 2 weeks in but I’ve already got some tips I will share here; number 1 - however desperate you get, don’t use the washing up liquid that’s hanging out in your bathroom because that’s your make shift sink now - for shampoo 🙈 Even if it is the fancy Waitrose one - antibacterial washing up liquid ain’t gonna make my locks shine
If you know.
You know. Hands up if you know who I’m talking about with my sis @charlottebreen63? 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a meteoric rise to Insta fame. And with her own army and can we talk about her nails and how much do I envy her sparkling sink?? I’ve spent a lot of my week talking about and watching and just being amazed by
I would 💯
recommend anyone to work with and learn from @jamiestevenshair. He is the absolute business in hair and the most gorgeous, kind man. Repost @jamiestevenshair ・・・ PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE!! The A level and GCSE results are now in, so there’ll be lots of emotion as well as big decisions for people to make about their future. I just want to say to all of you out there choosing your career path, consider hairdressing. It’s amazing - regularly voted the happiest profession, you earn while you learn so no big debts at the end, just the chance to earn more money. And I’m not saying ‘if you didn’t get the grades you thought then consider hairdressing’ - NO! Everyone who is creative should consider hairdressing. It’s a multi billion pound industry, did you know in a recent survey 30% of salons reported stylists could earn £30-40k, and 16% have team members on £50k or more. And it’s a nurturing industry, we share knowledge and training. As a boy from Somerset who set out with nothing but ambition and a hard work ethic I have a range of men’s products, MR, in Boots, I have 4 salons, a brilliant team, I work on TV, I travel around the globe, I work with celebrities, on photo shoots, and I love it! It’s a brilliant career with so many opportunities, so CHOOSE HAIR! And if you want to work with me, visit the careers page on my website and get in touch...
Have you seen the #GarethSouthgatewould on Twitter?
It is genius 😂 I tell you what Gareth Southgate wouldn’t do is care a jot whether any of his players are gay. Would you?? I’m currently supporting the @aball4all campaign raising awareness of homophobia in footy - with sales of this specially commissioned ball going towards LGBT charities. Get involved just like @scummymummies @spikey_mama @theonlygirlinthehouse @domandink Whatever happens with the result today - can you imagine if anyone would care if they are gay or not? Have pride England
It’s all about light and shade isn’t it?
I’m talking about both this photo’s exposure and our emotions. Not to get too deep on a Tuesday night whilst I’m waiting for 💗 🌴 to start - but at first I was disappointed with this picture. In no way did it capture the sheer joy and colour I felt from actually being in the room with @lobellaloves_jo to celebrate the 1st birthday of @lobellaloves. Supporting Jo on the panel was the formidable @bryonygordon, the mesmerising @marybadassmeadows and the gentle @dear_orla In fact the reason I didn’t get any ‘better’ pics was because I was enthralled by the panel and everything they had to say about mental health. Overall I took the msg that it’s absolutely ok to feel a bit - or a whole lot of - rubbish at times and the more you accept that and if you can, talk about it, the better. Light and shade. Highs and lows. So actually this photo perfectly captures the flavour of the room that afternoon because just look at that light folks. I was also super delighted to bring @mirabeauwine to this event, who looked after us beautifully with their delicious Rosé.
Doing a little 🙌🏼🙌🏼
to myself after today. I spotted @youneedavicky yonks ago - back when Twitter was all the rage. Vicky is so called because her, long list of celeb clients, for whom she was PA, found her so indispensable that when any A lister was in a fix - the answer was always ‘you need a Vicky’. Clever Vix then went on to set up an entire decluttering business before everyone who was anyone was talking about it. We’ve stayed social pals all these years, whilst Vicky’s business has boomed - and today I was able to do a big ✅ on my achievement list when I matched @youneedavicky with @bandq_uk.
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