Remember @comicrelief and Red Nose Day as a kid? It was essential viewing and even more essential that I’d hassle my parents to donate. I can recall so many top, top scenes; like the Smithy original car-pool karaoke with George Michael, French and Saunders Mama Mia rip off, Beckham in Peckham, the Beckhams and Ali G, Dawn kissing Hugh!! Just as I was insistent that my parents pledged money I was as annoying (persuasive) to @emmafreud that she let me gather a group of top social talent to lead a #cometogether campaign for this year’s @rednoseday. Absolutely delighted that @hygge_for_home @doesmybumlook40 @me_and_orla @rosemarino1 @dadvgirls @mother_pukka all said YES to the red nose. Their campaign will launch soon - more of that to come as we get ready for RND on March 15th 2019.