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Pockets. 💓
for a pocket. Me and @warehouseuk fitting together like a perfectly sized and placed pocket on their #bangontrend jogger with a stripe. If you don’t believe the trend just check out @cherryhealey and @michellekennedylon for their side stripe trouser action. Anyway, me and project coming soon 😉🙌🏼👀
I like the way the water is moving in this video.
Can you see it? I’m actually taking a photo of my gym bag. This was my ready for baby hospital bag. 13 years ago they didn’t really have any trendy or pretty bags for such a thing. So I bought this faux fur one, at great expense. It wasn’t practical or wipe clean and the pockets were limited and definitely not big enough for a bumper back of baby wipes. But I loved it. It’s come back to life as a gym bag - again it’s practicalities fail me - but it fits in with @stokepark so I’m going with it. Anyway we don’t all have to look like we are right for the job do we?
Not big on breakfast in our house.
But when #boardingboy is home and needs feeding on an almost hourly basis, him and I have a little ritual of brekker together. He’s always game for my creations. This morning was soft egg and black pudding on a bagel with tomatoes, avo and feta. And crispy kale all over the top. I’m telling you crispy kale is the absolute business. Remember that seaweed dish in Chinese restos in the 80s? This is exactly what kale tastes like once you’d splashed a bit of EVO on, salt and under the grill for 2 mins. Watch it because it catches easily and burns. Happy half term folks...💋💋
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