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I don’t do flat lay.
I just can’t. But this my friends is the one time I actually did a thing for the gram. To say we went to NYC at Christmas just for these green bears would be a step too far. But to say I just happened to be in New York, whilst they were available, for a limited time and that I trawled the streets to fine one of the last remaining bottles is about 💯 accurate. 💪 So @pressedjuicery do a collab with @sugarfina to make #greenjuicegummybears and being the bloody Queen of connections I make it my mission to hunt these bears down. Let me clarify; they’re a green juice but in gummy bear form. I mean 👊🏼💯💥 So you see I’m all zen this January because despite the 🍕 and 🍔 and 🍸 in New York, I’ve got my green juice gummies to set me straight. These are my second favourite sweet of the season. My no 1 is this biccie from @lobellaloves who I 💕 right back.
Whilst I’ve got some lovely new campaigns lined up for 2018, I’ll be entering my 6th (🤭) year of working for @thermomixuk.
I get asked a lot what my favourite dish is to make with the TM and I always say that I go through phases. The curries are amazing, the soups unbeatable, any flavour sorbet, those brownies that if you know, you’ll know. I’ve made every possible variation of bread and #boardingboy’s favourite hollandaise sauce and steamed green never fails. But really my favourite ‘thing’ about the Thermomix is that on a day like today, when my body is telling me I need good food, I can make anything, yes anything I want, from scratch, without having to think. I whipped up this spinach, kale, tomato and goats cheese quiche this morning whilst still in my PJs. And I’ve never made a quiche before. Just fancied it, Thermomix told me what to do. I did it. 👍🏼’s up from #boardingboy who then said that he was still hungry so we made some Greek turkey burgers too... Forget I work for them, if you’re at all interested in knowing what a Thermomix is all about, I would really, really honestly and wholeheartedly encourage you to have a demo. It’s free, they come to your home. It isn’t salesy and you’ll get a meal out of it and you’ll finally understand what all the fuss is about. 💋💋
I’m not sure it gets any better than this.
The squares will be alive today with evidence of @drranj on stage with the @scummymummies in a race to change the fastest nappy, blindfolded. This show was the best live comedy act I’ve ever seen. Honest, gorgeously creative and hand between the legs funny 😂. If you don’t follow @scummymummies do so now, listen to their podcasts and when you get the chance to see them live, take it. Also loved hanging with @that_mummy_smile @mrsfroggyfletcher @stylemesunday @bowelbabe @mother_of_daughters @cherryhealey although my head feels ver ver fuzzy my heart is buzzy 💗
Have I got your attention?
According to my last #menopause based post, everyone wants to talk about this. What is the menopause, when does it happen, what the hell does happen and what do we do about it to combat those symptoms and crack on? For my first amazing project of 2018 I am thrilled to be running this event; Uncovering the Menopause with @sylknatural. Join us to hear Meg Matthew talk about her new venture @megsmenopause, the @scummymummies will be performing in only the way they know how and @menopause_doctor will be available to answer questions. All happening @hostbarnabas on the 23.1.18, 6:30pm. Tickets are free, but limited and names will be on the door. If you’d like to join, follow @sylknatural and comment below. Apologies if this graphic hurts your eyes....but you’ll thank me later when you get the Menopause and ride it like a Queen 💋🙌🏼💋
There was a time when I’d barely have gone to the chippy without my killer heels.
I was actually always one or the other. V v flat to dash from meeting to meeting and then the awkward doorway hustle to swap from those to 👠 But the thought of going out on a Fri night in flats!! Err no way 🙈😰 But then during my oh so fabulous event @oasisfashion, and the live podcast recording of @iamalisonperry interviewing @dresslikeamum Zoë told Alison; “If you like it, wear it.” And when I saw these @asos rose gold brogues I liked them so I bought them and now I’m wearing them for a night on the tiles. For more fashion wisdom listen to said podcast linked in my bio
I’m the youngest of five, 4 girls, 1 boy.
I distinctly remember my mum going through the menopause and although it wasn’t a big deal, it definitely wasn’t talked about aside from the #hotflush jokes....were they jokes, I don’t know but it’s the cliched menopause chat isn’t it? Fast forward 30 years and my big sisters, 7, 10 and 11, years older than me, are starting to talk around the subject of menopause. I say around because seems no one actually wants to talk about it. Not really. But my view is we wouldn’t let our prepubescent sisters, friends, daughters get their period without knowing what was happening so WHY do we not educate ourselves, as grown women on what the menopause is? It’s going to happen to all of us and my view is I’d rather know what was in store so I can at least recognise it and then be equipped to deal with ‘it’. So 👏🏼 and 🙌🏼 to @megmathewsofficial_ who has launched @megsmenopause (sponsored by @sylknatural) to do just what we all should be doing for ourselves - talking about the menopause. Meg told me she suffered 32 of the 34 symptoms of menopause....and the one she didn’t get? You guessed it, the hot flush! 😆 But that’s probably because she is one 🔥 💥 mama - have you seen her?? So from @megsmenopause @inpolife @little_flea_kids do yourself a favour and understand the menopause 💋💋 On the 23.1.18 I am running an event with @sylknatural and Meg. Tickets will be free but limited. It will be an opportunity to hear Meg talk about her experience and to share yours or simply learn more. Details coming soon....xx
My Pa had a knee op in November.
As a father of five at age 40 took up jogging and lots of my childhood was spent at various marathons around the country. He did London of course, but our favourites were the local ones where all his patients would cheer him on. V happy and, for my dad, fit days. But the roads took their toll and that’s why the double knee replacement. He’s just messaged the family chat, thrilled because he walked 6.75 miles and therefore feels ready to join his weekly walking group again. I commented how well he had done and also 👏🏼 to my lovely mum who is always by his side. Fudge, as she’s known to her grandchildren, likes to collect sticks and flowers and bits of nature whilst she’s walking. She’s always done it. And then she gets home and crafts some sort of centrepiece out of them. So what was just a bundle of rubbish ends up looking v elegant and pretty. But it is a bit of a family joke that she does this and as you can see here, even goes to the extent of hiding her sticks to come back and collect later. 😂 and 😍 This 2018 I urge us all to be #morelikeFudge. Collect the sticks, take care of the sticks. Turn the sticks into something beautiful. Or not. Just do whatever makes you happy.
I keep telling clients to be consistent on insta and post regularly.
That’s the golden and #basic rule. But I’m not necessarily one to practice what I preach #sorrynotsorry. But today was one of those I just had to record for both business and pleasure. Dear diary 17.1.18: charged thru’ emails in the morning, everything is looking great for my event next week. Then a conf call with a major, major brand where they’re in an office, I’m at home and 5th attendee is on a train with a baby and keeps losing signal. Sounds like a nightmare but was in fact a bloody brilliant convo and we all just dealt with it like bosses. Then footy game for #boardingboy which of course made my 💓 swell. Then a Skype call to Oz for new client and one of those #thatsexactlywhatineed type products which I will be so excited to bring to the U.K. this Spring. And finished in the bath on WhatsApp with my sunshine tribe where a highlight of the chat was the mints/mince game. 😉
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