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She’s gorgeous this one.
Like properly beautiful; the Cindy Crawford comparison is 💯 and the body....well let’s just say the gym and dedication to fitness pays off. Funny that. Had such a lovely catch up with @voguewilliams, making all sorts of goodies in her @thermomixuk. It’s the ideal machine for Vogue, she wants to eat well but doesn’t always have the time to cook from scratch. And her and @spencermatthews home is always full of friends and family and Vogue, being a trad Irish gal, wants to look after them all well with plenty of homemade goodies. Now with her #connectedThermomix she’s up and running. Choose from any of the 25k plus recipes online, it automatically creates a shopping list for you, then plug and cook. And then eat and do it standing up whilst having your photo taken and still look gorgeous. Thanks @voguewilliams for hosting, lovely to see you and happy, healthy eating xxx
On her feed author, podcast host and cool girl @emmagannon is asking what question you would prefer than the ‘what do you do?’ line.
Someone suggested asking ‘what do you want to do when you grow up?’ and that’s cute because these days it’s about a lifetime of careers rather than a career for life isn’t it? We’re all still growing up and as such discovering new things we can do. Having had a rip roaring time @uniofstandrews all I knew when I left was that I didn’t want to see the inside of a lab again (the best thing about my Biochemistry degree is the look of shock on people’s faces when I tell them my subject. ) What to do, what to do? My career has always been centred around communications and helping brands raise their profile. Right now I ‘do’ that by aligning brands with influencers because for me that’s the best way to get the most 💥 for your 💰 But I’ve reinvented what I do countless times with varying degrees of success. It's important to evolve and not to be scared of what’s new. I’ve often found myself a bit bewildered why something I was ‘doing’ that worked before, seemingly all of a sudden doesn’t. Once I’ve got over the feelings of rejection and ‘what the?’ I’ve always found the solution is in embracing the new direction and quite simply changing what I actually ‘do’ to keep achieving that overall goal for my client. So to answer @emmagannon’s original question I actually don’t mind being asked what do you do because my answer changes regularly - in fact sometimes if my answer has been the same for too long, I’m wondering if I’m due a shake up? And the pic btw is of me trying on the incredibly beautiful @verifinerings eternity rings as we discussed what I could do for them next year as they plan their burst onto the jewellery scene. This image is appropriate for the caption because one of the things I wanted to do as a child was to be a hand model. Isn’t that random? Maybe I’ll do it one day?
Another fine example of me #notnailing the Insta pose.
Had the most incredible day with @mrsfroggyfletcher getting v v excited discussing her up and coming #babybarebubbles launch. Started with breakfast @dorchestercollection with @that_mummy_smile to discuss potential drawings for the brand. I was literally on my knees at the beautiful, intricate gingerbread mini Dorchester. The brand sniper in me wanted to check that the products used in the mini Dorch were all correct and present.
Really, really hard to pick just nine.
So I limited it to people who were new to me this year only. And my other criteria was that I had to have engaged with them IRL too. This is my shout out to the brands and accounts I’ve discovered and love for 2017. @mercer7official Erna, you’re too gorgeous and you don’t even know it and your work ethic is 💯. Go get that 10k beautiful! @lobellaloves no wonder you’re an award winner this year. I’ve recommended your account to so many people as the one to watch for how to ‘do’ Insta with honesty and generosity. @lizzieloveshealthy I’m chalking your conversion to the @thermomixuk as one of my career highlights. But also your effortless and, may I say relentless, drive to feed families well is so inspiring to watch. And you in Italy = dreamy. @kemitelford your personal and kind attention to my purchase made me realise you were special and you’re now essential viewing and reading. @konocbags love the product. Love the genius in your simplicity and can’t wait to share what you’ve sent me 😉. @theonlygirlinthehouse I stalked Jess for way too long before I plucked up the courage to ask her to join a @oasisfashion project. I then forgot I was ‘working’ and we spent the day like two old friends, whilst her gorgeous boys made pals with my #boardingboy. Lovely Jess and her five, yes five, boys. @pinkhouseliving so I have to admit my first thought about Emily was ‘ohh goody a non London based blogger’ (work chat). She only then went and moved to LDN. But silver lining for that was we got to work together on a @bandq_uk campaign and she was so brilliant and so cool and her house is so amazing. @inpolife ummmmm I’d like to pat myself on the back and say I was the first to ‘spot’ Vickie but errr no. Seems everyone is in on the deal. She’s amazing. Just go follow and see why everyone is talking about her and watch this space for 2018 because it’s happening people. @spacemasks saw them. Loved them. Tried them. Adored them. Buy and try. Genuinely hard to stick to just nine. Said with love. Shared in peace.
I can distinctly remember the first time I met @josieldn .
As with all the influencers I go on to work with, I’d been social stalking her for a while (back on twitter in those days) and could just tell she had that ‘touch’. Her content was consistent and stylish and she was building not just followers but engagement too. I felt sure getting a @thermomixuk into her hands would be a good move. She came bounding down the stairs all blonde and gorgeous but what struck me most was how smiley she was. And I don’t mean that in a glib way; she was literally taking delight in her work and so I knew, well she must be v v good then. And boy was she good. Whilst giving @cookwithjanie her undivided attention on the @ukthermomix demo she simultaneously showcased the product to her followers. It was the first time I’d seen the ‘blogger action’ - the arm stretch shot, the up high, the flat lay positioning. Whilst Josie was being wowed by the way the TM easily knocked up a sorbet, soup, raw energy balls, a cake mix, smoothies, bread and salad, I was in awe at her ability to immediately share that with her then something like 30k followers. This was for me the moment the power of social really hit home. Josie has gone on to social mega status with over 100k here on Insta and 200k subscribers on her YT channel. That same day her boyfriend Charlie was with us and he too shared the same enthusiasm for the TM and deftly helped Josie get the perfect shot. He wasn’t a full time blogger then, but is now the mighty @charlieirons. I’m not surprised J&C are one of the power couples on the social circuit - you only need to watch their combined work out videos to know they mean business! They’re still using their TM5 of course, and STILL showing me just how good they are with their content around that - here a perfect winter veg flat lay to finished soup. Thanks Josie and Charlie 🙌🏼 💋
I was first made aware of it by the Beckhams and will admit that when I first heard it I had no idea what it meant.
IT is when people refer themselves as a brand. Brand Beckham....actually first starting circulating in the early 00s and I’m reliably told it was Victoria who first coined on to the fact they they, her, David, them as a couple, their family unit was a brand. But brands are objects right? Nike? Topshop? Miele? VB was smart enough back then to realise the power not just in her name but to protect and project brand Beckham at all times. My job is to connect brands with talent. To put it simply brand X wants exposure, talent Y can give that by creating content and distributing on their channel. I get asked a lot by up and coming bloggers how they can enhance their content and get to work with brands. And whilst there is no easy answer what I do strongly suggest is that you build it like Beckham. What’s the point of your channel? Who are you talking to? What’s the theme? How does your Insta page look as a whole? Do you have a distinctive writing or image style? And how do you tell if your brand is resonating? Keep an eye on your engagements - who’s listening and commenting and what are they saying? And are you talking back? My bag might say ‘I am a brand’ but we are all work in progress. Here to help if any of you have anything specific to ask. Lots of 💋 and 👊🏼
#boardingboy is home 🙌🏼🎄😍
but promptly arranges to be back with his school mates at various cinema screenings and tonight he’s at a Ball. So there’s nothing for #boardingboydad and I to do except look at door knobs on the internet (him), investigate boot room fittings (me). Is this what you do when you have a teen in your team? My photo composition is slippers on velvet with favourite chocs on hand. It’s about as creative as I can be from this position. Come home #boardingboy, you’re my mojo!
Buried. Sand. Or maybe snow. Or perhaps I’m knee deep in online shopping and last work requests and then there’s the house renov project we’re planning for 2018. But I’m here. Still here. With my HO HO HO bag. Love Christmas, I really do. Not so in love with that feeling that it’s all got to be done by then. There is a day after the 25th right? 💋💋
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