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This is me today #worldselfieday; I’d got up and out and was spinning by 9:30am.
I’d left the 🏠 before even @london_sl2 was awake, hence the selfie - he wondered where I was and all in could manage, mid class, in a moment of recovery was this sweaty, shattered, feeling slightly sick photo. But that decision to make that early class, lead to breakfast with friends and then an impromptu shopping and lunch trip. Completely gorgeous and just what I needed. I’m yet to find that addiction to exercise, but if one spin class can lead to a whole day out with friends then I’m in 💪
Stranded on the tarmac at Gatwick waiting to take off for 🇮🇹
Going thru’ the airport I was asked 3 times about this jacket - @warehouseuk, teamed with their gold cami. Styled by @domandink who is the absolute bizness. And when I say #styled, that sounds awfully grand doesn’t it? Truth is Dom is your best mate and biggest champion in the changing rooms. He won’t push you to try anything you really don’t like, but he will 💯 boost your confidence and make you feel lovely. And you’ll laugh a lot - just be prepared for ALL his banter. It doesn’t stop. Lovely project with @warehouseuk coming up - but for now, come on ✈️ all the 🍕 in Napoli is waiting for me
Doing a little 🙌🏼🙌🏼
to myself after today. I spotted @youneedavicky yonks ago - back when Twitter was all the rage. Vicky is so called because her, long list of celeb clients, for whom she was PA, found her so indispensable that when any A lister was in a fix - the answer was always ‘you need a Vicky’. Clever Vix then went on to set up an entire decluttering business before everyone who was anyone was talking about it. We’ve stayed social pals all these years, whilst Vicky’s business has boomed - and today I was able to do a big ✅ on my achievement list when I matched @youneedavicky with @bandq_uk.
Friday night?
What do you give the hostess who has just bought a beautiful new pad and is #touchrugby buddy? Got to be @collagin for the tastiest 🍸. Provides relief from the renovations and youth inducing power for those super speedy legs on the pitch.
Feeling anxious about even posting this here because people might think we are cray cray taking #boardingboy to the FatDuck for his 13th. But what else do you give a boy who can taste the difference between black and white truffle and male and female lobster? Right from the off the FD is an experience like no other. I could say I’ve had better meals - food is so subjective. A pizza and beer on a beach after a long day in the sun, a bowl of spag bol thrown together with mates, a charred sausage off a BBQ. But for pure spectacle and attention to detail the FD would be hard to beat. I don’t want to give the game away too much but lolly sticks with private messages on, miniature cereal boxes with personalised toys in, trees foaming with fog whilst you eat the forest floor, coffee that is magically hot and cold at the same time. It made me laugh and, I have to say, it made me cry. So lucky to have been able to experience it. And with my two best boys. Thanks Heston, you are a genius and great fun!
#boardingboy is home.
In the run up to the end of term I’ve been saying to other parents ‘oh I can’t believe it’s the end of another term, I’m not ready to have him home yet. I’ve still got so much to do’. But who am I kidding? He’s home. He’s on the sofa. And I’m just sat here smiling. And besides, I’ve been juggling this work/parenting thing since 2005 - bring on a month of holidays!
I like the way the water is moving in this video.
Can you see it? I’m actually taking a photo of my gym bag. This was my ready for baby hospital bag. 13 years ago they didn’t really have any trendy or pretty bags for such a thing. So I bought this faux fur one, at great expense. It wasn’t practical or wipe clean and the pockets were limited and definitely not big enough for a bumper back of baby wipes. But I loved it. It’s come back to life as a gym bag - again it’s practicalities fail me - but it fits in with @stokepark so I’m going with it. Anyway we don’t all have to look like we are right for the job do we?
It’s all about light and shade isn’t it?
I’m talking about both this photo’s exposure and our emotions. Not to get too deep on a Tuesday night whilst I’m waiting for 💗 🌴 to start - but at first I was disappointed with this picture. In no way did it capture the sheer joy and colour I felt from actually being in the room with @lobellaloves_jo to celebrate the 1st birthday of @lobellaloves. Supporting Jo on the panel was the formidable @bryonygordon, the mesmerising @marybadassmeadows and the gentle @dear_orla In fact the reason I didn’t get any ‘better’ pics was because I was enthralled by the panel and everything they had to say about mental health. Overall I took the msg that it’s absolutely ok to feel a bit - or a whole lot of - rubbish at times and the more you accept that and if you can, talk about it, the better. Light and shade. Highs and lows. So actually this photo perfectly captures the flavour of the room that afternoon because just look at that light folks. I was also super delighted to bring @mirabeauwine to this event, who looked after us beautifully with their delicious Rosé.
So happy to see @angelandrocket growing their social love.
Beautiful packages going out, inspiring lots of gorgeous content from these 😍😍kids. @angelandrocket is a fully family owned brand. Mum, Kate Bostock has stacks of experience with brands such as M&S, Next and Asda. Then sons Lewis and Joel are MD and boys’ designer respectively. The proof that this family works is in their product; gorgeous pieces with clever design that isn’t too fashions for kids, but with enough style to make them stand out. And the fabrics are robust, wash well and have those extra details to give that luxe feel. Thanks to everyone who has so far loved their pieces as much as I do.
Like lots of us Twitter was my first social love.
Anyone remember Stephen Fry tweeting about being stuck in a lift? Sad as I am, but I can actually remember where I was when I saw that story on the news. The fact that Stephen was ‘able’ to give live updates of his lift trap situation had made national news. I knew then - right that’s how news will be made from now on. This strange cycle of the people in the news making their own reports, for then the actual news to comment on. And Twitter continued to prove itself again and again. I took part in one of the first live Twitter Q&As with Alan Sugar and the rigmarole it took to set that up...a camera on him, his trusty sidekick Nick Hewitt having to read out the Qs so Alan could answer. And then during big news events - the LDN riots being a pivotal example - when Twitter was ahead of the main news sources with live updates of what was happening and where. But recently I’ve found Twitter irritating - far too many notifications and often not directly involving my account and the increased character count means it’s lots its pithiness. Today I was sent a notification that it is my NINE year (anyone else get the Ferris reference when they hear “NINE times” 😉 ) anniversary. That’s quite cool I thought, thinking the obvious thing for Twitter to do is show me my first tweet - but no, they hadn’t thought of that. Sorry Twitter but you just keep missing the mark for me these days.
so excited for this event @miele_gb Experience Centre in London with @mad_about_the_house 25th April from 6:30pm. Tickets limited and available from my link in bio. Kate Watson-Smyth aka @mad_about_the_house has just launched her first book, a collection of interiors style advice inspired by her award winning blog. I’m chuffed that I managed to snag Kate for an exclusive event with @miele_gb where Kate will be introducing the book and giving her top tips for stylish homes. All accompanied by delicious Miele made canapés and supper. Promises to be a gorgeous evening - join us. Venue: Miele Experience Centre, Cavendish Square, London Time: 6:30pm Tickets: £20, includes drinks reception, canapés, bowl food, a copy of Mad About The House (RRP £20 @pavilionbooks) & goody bag
2017 - #topnine insta campaigns
I’m easing myself in gently with a #topnine of the best campaigns I saw on here last year - something to aspire to. @bryonygordon and @mother_pukka waving tampons around to ask us to stop flushing them and use @fablittlebag instead (one of my projects, forgive the #humblebrag but 💗 this campaign. The entire feed of @uklabour - the only political party to understand social. @gizzierskine cooking @purefilthfood at The Tate - 7 of your 10 a day in a vegan burger. @trinnywoodall gave 2017 a masterclass in social - absolute genius and joyful to watch. Completely jealous of the @themidult idea to do a sleepover @johnlewisretail espesh with some of my faves @cherryhealey and @doesmybumlook40 #perfectcasting 6. @freeperiods from @amikageorge was the pinkest and coolest political rally and will run and run in 2018 7. Beautiful #bodypositive content from @stylemesunday 8. I literally 👏🏼 when @birdseyeuk owned #fishfingergate and turned their campaign around in days. Proper 👊🏼 💯 And despite smashing it with his books and programmes @jamieoliver is an example of how not to be stop striving for perfection as he delivers his @landrover_uk campaign entirely on InstaStories. Show me what you’ve got 2018 and I may just have a few trucks up my sleeve for you too 💋
Really, really hard to pick just nine.
So I limited it to people who were new to me this year only. And my other criteria was that I had to have engaged with them IRL too. This is my shout out to the brands and accounts I’ve discovered and love for 2017. @mercer7official Erna, you’re too gorgeous and you don’t even know it and your work ethic is 💯. Go get that 10k beautiful! @lobellaloves no wonder you’re an award winner this year. I’ve recommended your account to so many people as the one to watch for how to ‘do’ Insta with honesty and generosity. @lizzieloveshealthy I’m chalking your conversion to the @thermomixuk as one of my career highlights. But also your effortless and, may I say relentless, drive to feed families well is so inspiring to watch. And you in Italy = dreamy. @kemitelford your personal and kind attention to my purchase made me realise you were special and you’re now essential viewing and reading. @konocbags love the product. Love the genius in your simplicity and can’t wait to share what you’ve sent me 😉. @theonlygirlinthehouse I stalked Jess for way too long before I plucked up the courage to ask her to join a @oasisfashion project. I then forgot I was ‘working’ and we spent the day like two old friends, whilst her gorgeous boys made pals with my #boardingboy. Lovely Jess and her five, yes five, boys. @pinkhouseliving so I have to admit my first thought about Emily was ‘ohh goody a non London based blogger’ (work chat). She only then went and moved to LDN. But silver lining for that was we got to work together on a @bandq_uk campaign and she was so brilliant and so cool and her house is so amazing. @inpolife ummmmm I’d like to pat myself on the back and say I was the first to ‘spot’ Vickie but errr no. Seems everyone is in on the deal. She’s amazing. Just go follow and see why everyone is talking about her and watch this space for 2018 because it’s happening people. @spacemasks saw them. Loved them. Tried them. Adored them. Buy and try. Genuinely hard to stick to just nine. Said with love. Shared in peace.
Every morning I wake at 6am.
It's too early for me, especially since I don't have to get up for #boardingboy. I know I sld get another hour but then I reach under my pillow (yes that's where I keep it) and I do a merry dance from Insta 🔁 twitter 🔁 emails. This morning I was struck by @thestyleeditor post about authenticity being the new influence. Yeeeesss 💯. As someone who connects brands to talent increasingly I'm looking for people that really know what they're talking about and have an audience that listens. Less of the big follower numbers, more of the threads. I was about to make a stylised image of this authenticity quote but thought I should live it, rather than just say it. This is me, squinting coz I can't see the phone properly and worried I've wasted 2 hours of what should have been sleep by scrolling these squares.
My lovely Pa clapping the England batsmen in last night.
I know this performance from England at Lords Vs Pakistan 🏏 has been lacklustre (to say the least) but what my Dad was showing the team here is you’re still in the game, I’ll applaud your efforts, chin up, keep going, you can do it. I can tell he means all of this, just by his clap because this is what he has repeatedly instilled in me, my 3 sisters, brother and his 12 grandchildren. Magnificent day at the magical Lord’s - thanks Pa. 💗💗
Friday night vino and TV.
Nothing that unusual there; except I feel like I’m traveling back in time circa 1999 and top year St Andrews when #whowantstobeamillionaire was essential viewing. We would halt dinner parties, drinking games, exam prep (aye maybe) to watch Chris Tarrant’s original WWTBAM. It was the first time I really experienced must watch media. And with no catch up or YouTube your only option was to watch live - all desperate to see that first million win. Strange fact; I was working with Chris Tarrant as the show was being developed and I distinctly remember him talking about it being filmed in the round and that that was what would stand it apart. For sure the show has lost its mass appeal to new media now, but I love this revival and 👏🏼 Jezzer.
Mondays are just not my deal.
Never, ever liked them. Oddly they are my dad’s favourite day of the week - but he’s always been a get up and at ‘em type. I just find it so, so hard to get back into the swing of things. It’s almost like I’ve forgotten what I do, which is strange because I never actually stop 🛑 working. But then I discovered that if I topped and tailed my day with exercise - and, crucially an outdoor spa @stokepark, all of a sudden I’m back in the Monday game. So here I am in my @mutha.hood #stronggirlsclub because I’ve finally cracked Mondays like a boss. If you want actual details; I play touch 🏉 in the morning with my #boardingboy mum buddies. Then the most amazing Pilates class in the evening. See - I’m a strong girl 💪💋
When we chose @smpbreen and his sister @livvibreen as Godparents to #boardingboy people commented ‘but they’re too young’ (8 and 10 at the time) and ‘they can’t be Godparents, they’re his cousins.’ All true.
But you know when you just want to break the mould a bit? Ever get that feeling? 😉 In business and in life I think @london_sl2 and I have often gone against the grain and mostly it’s paid off. In my work I’m often challenging clients, when I give them a 🌟 idea and they ummm and ahhh and say ‘but no one has done that before, it’s a bit risky.’ But of course that’s the point - be the first, make a bold choice, go with your gut, take the plunge. And listen, I’m no genius, so chances are if I’ve thought of it, someone else too will have had that little spark and so if we don’t do it, someone else will. And to come back to my original inspo for this post; yesterday we had the immense pleasure of having #boardingboy’s Godfather cook for us at @ddglondon and what a treat that was - for every sense. Totally delicious but also so cool for GB who, as you may know, loves his food and so be to be cooked for by @smpbreen was amazing. I’m not saying that we knew what we were doing all those years ago when we assigned Godparents, but we kind of did 😉
I’m posting this in all its original glory.
I’ve already complained to @london_sl2 ‘is that the best photo you’ve got?’ So yes, this is a pretty crappy picture of some half eaten dishes. But what it really shows is a meal absolutely devoured, with every mouthful getting more delicious and quite intense arguments over which was the best dish. When @nickgarston and @gizzierskine tell you the food is good - don’t even question it. Just go. Amazing meal @inkonitolondon - 💯💋💗 This place is less than a week old, we walked in at 8pm on a Thursday night and got a table pretty much straight away. I predict it will soon be the 🔥 place in town and almost impossible to get a seat so go now before everyone else figures it out.
Did you know Instagram started as an app called Bourbon and was for location sharing to begin with?
The founders @mikeyk and @kevin realised that their users were focusing on the photo element - but it was when one of their girlfriends commented that she wouldn’t share her photos because they weren’t ‘good enough’ that sparked their 💡 moment. M&K realised that they needed to add filters to the app so “people felt their photos were worth sharing.” Isn’t that amazing? That what we know today - this ginormous, multi layered platform that provides work and pleasure and discussion and knowledge - started from an idea that we all need a little filter here and there? And it’s even more interesting to me, to now consider that actually it’s the authentic content that is doing best here....and this is just me, in the garden.
Phew it was hot today wasn’t it?
Takes me back to when this guy - we’ll call him oh la la because that was his catchphrase - cooked supper on our fam holiday to Florida. Amazing entertainment and that’s saying something when the rest of this holiday was spent soaring above Hogwarts or being blasted out of a Hulk rollercoaster or when Spider-Man jumped on our car!
The stats of brands moving their marketing 💰
towards influencer marketing are well reported. When an ad page in Vogue costs £28k, versus a creative content-maker who has a significant audience and, crucially, proven engagement, it’s straightforward to see why ‘influencers’ are mopping up marketing spend. And yes I appreciate that an ad in Vogue is about brand history and displaying their wealth and power - but for ROI, social engagement is hard to beat. What’s interesting to me is how the big, luxe brands are no longer just riding the wave of content for product. I’m all for it, curated content that matches a brief and saves the brand all those hours of creation is definitely worth paying for. Plus establishes genuine, working relationships. Original article from
Pockets. 💓
for a pocket. Me and @warehouseuk fitting together like a perfectly sized and placed pocket on their #bangontrend jogger with a stripe. If you don’t believe the trend just check out @cherryhealey and @michellekennedylon for their side stripe trouser action. Anyway, me and project coming soon 😉🙌🏼👀
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