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#boardingboy is home.
In the run up to the end of term I’ve been saying to other parents ‘oh I can’t believe it’s the end of another term, I’m not ready to have him home yet. I’ve still got so much to do’. But who am I kidding? He’s home. He’s on the sofa. And I’m just sat here smiling. And besides, I’ve been juggling this work/parenting thing since 2005 - bring on a month of holidays!
Pockets. 💓
for a pocket. Me and @warehouseuk fitting together like a perfectly sized and placed pocket on their #bangontrend jogger with a stripe. If you don’t believe the trend just check out @cherryhealey and @michellekennedylon for their side stripe trouser action. Anyway, me and project coming soon 😉🙌🏼👀
Is your feed a little pink today?
It blooming well should be. Everyone that is anyone on here is sharing their support for @scampanddude and their campaign against @georgeatasda ripping off their designs. Incredible show of Insta support, and typically, so creative and kind. This is Instagram at its finest. Come on @georgeatasda do the right thing.
Post event admin.
Mopping up social coverage, downloading official pics, briefing videographer on edits, thanking guests for coming, fulfilling connections I promised to make.... And then this - a kind and 💗 warming message. Thanks @thetapeagency for being epic champions. .. .. The @sylknatural event was some 12 months in the planning. Finding the right format and talent to talk about #dryvaginas was not easy. But we did it and I’ll be sharing highlights here soon.
On her feed author, podcast host and cool girl @emmagannon is asking what question you would prefer than the ‘what do you do?’ line.
Someone suggested asking ‘what do you want to do when you grow up?’ and that’s cute because these days it’s about a lifetime of careers rather than a career for life isn’t it? We’re all still growing up and as such discovering new things we can do. Having had a rip roaring time @uniofstandrews all I knew when I left was that I didn’t want to see the inside of a lab again (the best thing about my Biochemistry degree is the look of shock on people’s faces when I tell them my subject. ) What to do, what to do? My career has always been centred around communications and helping brands raise their profile. Right now I ‘do’ that by aligning brands with influencers because for me that’s the best way to get the most 💥 for your 💰 But I’ve reinvented what I do countless times with varying degrees of success. It's important to evolve and not to be scared of what’s new. I’ve often found myself a bit bewildered why something I was ‘doing’ that worked before, seemingly all of a sudden doesn’t. Once I’ve got over the feelings of rejection and ‘what the?’ I’ve always found the solution is in embracing the new direction and quite simply changing what I actually ‘do’ to keep achieving that overall goal for my client. So to answer @emmagannon’s original question I actually don’t mind being asked what do you do because my answer changes regularly - in fact sometimes if my answer has been the same for too long, I’m wondering if I’m due a shake up? And the pic btw is of me trying on the incredibly beautiful @verifinerings eternity rings as we discussed what I could do for them next year as they plan their burst onto the jewellery scene. This image is appropriate for the caption because one of the things I wanted to do as a child was to be a hand model. Isn’t that random? Maybe I’ll do it one day?
2017 - #topnine insta campaigns
I’m easing myself in gently with a #topnine of the best campaigns I saw on here last year - something to aspire to. @bryonygordon and @mother_pukka waving tampons around to ask us to stop flushing them and use @fablittlebag instead (one of my projects, forgive the #humblebrag but 💗 this campaign. The entire feed of @uklabour - the only political party to understand social. @gizzierskine cooking @purefilthfood at The Tate - 7 of your 10 a day in a vegan burger. @trinnywoodall gave 2017 a masterclass in social - absolute genius and joyful to watch. Completely jealous of the @themidult idea to do a sleepover @johnlewisretail espesh with some of my faves @cherryhealey and @doesmybumlook40 #perfectcasting 6. @freeperiods from @amikageorge was the pinkest and coolest political rally and will run and run in 2018 7. Beautiful #bodypositive content from @stylemesunday 8. I literally 👏🏼 when @birdseyeuk owned #fishfingergate and turned their campaign around in days. Proper 👊🏼 💯 And despite smashing it with his books and programmes @jamieoliver is an example of how not to be stop striving for perfection as he delivers his @landrover_uk campaign entirely on InstaStories. Show me what you’ve got 2018 and I may just have a few trucks up my sleeve for you too 💋
An entirely new type of project for us. Full on house renovation, months in the planning due to pesky building regs and green belt and all that not so interesting stuff. But looks like we have finally signed off on plans and can start the task of choosing interiors. I wonder where I sld get my inspo from? If only there was a sort of creative platform where people could share their homes and how they renovate and decorate 😂 Huge 👊🏼 and 🙏🏼 to @dtsibson at #goodcountrybuilders for incredible job getting us this far.
Discussing the Menopause with Meg Matthews and SYLK natural
I distinctly remember my mum going through the menopause and although it wasn’t a big deal, it definitely wasn’t talked about aside from the #hotflush jokes....were they jokes, I don’t know but it’s the cliched menopause chat isn’t it? Fast forward 30 years and my big sisters, 7, 10 and 11, years older than me, are starting to talk around the subject of menopause. I say around because seems no one actually wants to talk about it. Not really. But my view is we wouldn’t let our prepubescent sisters, friends, daughters get their period without knowing what was happening so WHY do we not educate ourselves, as grown women on what the menopause is? It’s going to happen to all of us and my view is I’d rather know what was in store so I can at least recognise it and then be equipped to deal with ‘it’. So 👏🏼 and 🙌🏼 to @megmathewsofficial_ who has launched @megsmenopause (sponsored by @sylknatural) to do just what we all should be doing for ourselves - talking about the menopause. Meg told me she suffered 32 of the 34 symptoms of menopause....and the one she didn’t get? You guessed it, the hot flush! 😆 But that’s probably because she is one 🔥 💥 mama - have you seen her?? So from @megsmenopause @inpolife @little_flea_kids do yourself a favour and understand the menopause 💋💋 On the 23.1.18 I am running an event with @sylknatural and Meg. Tickets will be free but limited. It will be an opportunity to hear Meg talk about her experience and to share yours or simply learn more. Details coming soon....xx
Every morning I wake at 6am.
It's too early for me, especially since I don't have to get up for #boardingboy. I know I sld get another hour but then I reach under my pillow (yes that's where I keep it) and I do a merry dance from Insta 🔁 twitter 🔁 emails. This morning I was struck by @thestyleeditor post about authenticity being the new influence. Yeeeesss 💯. As someone who connects brands to talent increasingly I'm looking for people that really know what they're talking about and have an audience that listens. Less of the big follower numbers, more of the threads. I was about to make a stylised image of this authenticity quote but thought I should live it, rather than just say it. This is me, squinting coz I can't see the phone properly and worried I've wasted 2 hours of what should have been sleep by scrolling these squares.
I like the way the water is moving in this video.
Can you see it? I’m actually taking a photo of my gym bag. This was my ready for baby hospital bag. 13 years ago they didn’t really have any trendy or pretty bags for such a thing. So I bought this faux fur one, at great expense. It wasn’t practical or wipe clean and the pockets were limited and definitely not big enough for a bumper back of baby wipes. But I loved it. It’s come back to life as a gym bag - again it’s practicalities fail me - but it fits in with @stokepark so I’m going with it. Anyway we don’t all have to look like we are right for the job do we?
I don’t do flat lay.
I just can’t. But this my friends is the one time I actually did a thing for the gram. To say we went to NYC at Christmas just for these green bears would be a step too far. But to say I just happened to be in New York, whilst they were available, for a limited time and that I trawled the streets to fine one of the last remaining bottles is about 💯 accurate. 💪 So @pressedjuicery do a collab with @sugarfina to make #greenjuicegummybears and being the bloody Queen of connections I make it my mission to hunt these bears down. Let me clarify; they’re a green juice but in gummy bear form. I mean 👊🏼💯💥 So you see I’m all zen this January because despite the 🍕 and 🍔 and 🍸 in New York, I’ve got my green juice gummies to set me straight. These are my second favourite sweet of the season. My no 1 is this biccie from @lobellaloves who I 💕 right back.
Uncovering the Menopause with SYLK natural, Meg Matthews, ScummyMummies & MenopauseDr
According to my last #menopause based post, everyone wants to talk about this. What is the menopause, when does it happen, what the hell does happen and what do we do about it to combat those symptoms and crack on? For my first amazing project of 2018 I am thrilled to be running this event; Uncovering the Menopause with @sylknatural. Join us to hear Meg Matthew talk about her new venture @megsmenopause, the @scummymummies will be performing in only the way they know how and @menopause_doctor will be available to answer questions. All happening @hostbarnabas on the 23.1.18, 6:30pm. Tickets are free, but limited and names will be on the door. If you’d like to join, follow @sylknatural and comment below. Apologies if this graphic hurts your eyes....but you’ll thank me later when you get the Menopause and ride it like a Queen 💋🙌🏼💋
Lessons from NYC.
When @scarcurtis gives you (brunch) advice, take it. And when #boardingboy asks for fried chicken as a side dish to his steak and egg sandwich, let him have it. If they offer you a Bloody Mary with bacon salt, sit back and think of @emmafreud and drink it. When #boardingboy rolls his eyes at you taking a photo of him taking a photo of the food, just roll with it. And when they offer you donuts and caramel sauce after your breakfast, just say yes. Thank you @eggshopnyc for lessons in how to do brunch. 👊🏼
Really, really hard to pick just nine.
So I limited it to people who were new to me this year only. And my other criteria was that I had to have engaged with them IRL too. This is my shout out to the brands and accounts I’ve discovered and love for 2017. @mercer7official Erna, you’re too gorgeous and you don’t even know it and your work ethic is 💯. Go get that 10k beautiful! @lobellaloves no wonder you’re an award winner this year. I’ve recommended your account to so many people as the one to watch for how to ‘do’ Insta with honesty and generosity. @lizzieloveshealthy I’m chalking your conversion to the @thermomixuk as one of my career highlights. But also your effortless and, may I say relentless, drive to feed families well is so inspiring to watch. And you in Italy = dreamy. @kemitelford your personal and kind attention to my purchase made me realise you were special and you’re now essential viewing and reading. @konocbags love the product. Love the genius in your simplicity and can’t wait to share what you’ve sent me 😉. @theonlygirlinthehouse I stalked Jess for way too long before I plucked up the courage to ask her to join a @oasisfashion project. I then forgot I was ‘working’ and we spent the day like two old friends, whilst her gorgeous boys made pals with my #boardingboy. Lovely Jess and her five, yes five, boys. @pinkhouseliving so I have to admit my first thought about Emily was ‘ohh goody a non London based blogger’ (work chat). She only then went and moved to LDN. But silver lining for that was we got to work together on a @bandq_uk campaign and she was so brilliant and so cool and her house is so amazing. @inpolife ummmmm I’d like to pat myself on the back and say I was the first to ‘spot’ Vickie but errr no. Seems everyone is in on the deal. She’s amazing. Just go follow and see why everyone is talking about her and watch this space for 2018 because it’s happening people. @spacemasks saw them. Loved them. Tried them. Adored them. Buy and try. Genuinely hard to stick to just nine. Said with love. Shared in peace.
Coolest gadgets of 2018?
@thermomixuk right at home. Not just cool but ver ver clever with its connected CookKey that guides you through recipes step by step. And just to remind you, the TM stirs, chops, whisks, blends, emulsifies, steams, cooks at set temperatures, kneads and weighs. Can peel a single garlic clove or steam a whole chicken. Gently stir a risotto or grind a nutmeg to powder. Blitz a few tiny sesame seeds to tahini or blend a kilo of hard veg into silky smooth soup. Be fancy and temper chocolate at precise temperature or whip up a cake in seconds. There is no doubt the Thermomix is cool 💯💥🙌🏼 💋 And just some of the coolest people who agree with me
I’m not sure it gets any better than this.
The squares will be alive today with evidence of @drranj on stage with the @scummymummies in a race to change the fastest nappy, blindfolded. This show was the best live comedy act I’ve ever seen. Honest, gorgeously creative and hand between the legs funny 😂. If you don’t follow @scummymummies do so now, listen to their podcasts and when you get the chance to see them live, take it. Also loved hanging with @that_mummy_smile @mrsfroggyfletcher @stylemesunday @bowelbabe @mother_of_daughters @cherryhealey although my head feels ver ver fuzzy my heart is buzzy 💗
I know the idea is to do a best nine of your top #liked photos but I’m doing a top one and it’s not even a picture I’ve shared on here before.
So I’m getting it completely wrong. But this is my best picture of 2017 for me. We were in Italy, having had the most delicious meal in the middle of the most amazing holiday surrounded by family. I was as happy and relaxed as I look. Thanks 2017, overall you’ve looked after us, presented some challenges which did their job of making us rise to the occasion and in the end you’ve tuned out all right. 💋
Buried. Sand. Or maybe snow. Or perhaps I’m knee deep in online shopping and last work requests and then there’s the house renov project we’re planning for 2018. But I’m here. Still here. With my HO HO HO bag. Love Christmas, I really do. Not so in love with that feeling that it’s all got to be done by then. There is a day after the 25th right? 💋💋
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