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This one’s for the Gram.
My v clever and long standing pal @lucimaclaren took this at the beautiful #warrenwedding2017 Luci says that the natural light and the pop of the pink, with the yellow bench all made for the perfect composition. And she’s an artist, so I’m taking her word for it and we will gloss over the fact that a few hours and 🍾 later she was calling me Zsa Zsa le bear. 🐻
I’ve admired @katsfilms work for a long time so was really excited to book her for the @thermomixuk event.
Not only was she an absolute superstar on the day and has now sent a link to incredible pics, she also sent this gorgeous email and made me smile so much by complimenting my scent. It’s @jpgaultierofficial by the way. Worn it forever. To all those of you at the event I have a Dropbox link so DM and I will send and you’re welcome to use any of the pics.
Sound on.
I’ve made bread lots of times. But this, this is the business. Can you hear that crust? I would say it was my kneading and scientific knowledge of the exact proportions of yeast to warmth and moisture. But that would be a huge lie because the @thermomixuk weighed the ingredients, warmed the yeast to 37 degrees, kneaded for the exact amount of time and then my @miele_gb moisture plus oven baked it to perfection. A busy working mum always thanks her tools. 🙌🏼🙏🏼👌🏼
Arghhhh how do I say this?
I don’t want to sound like a show off. But I’m 😆 with how the @thermomixuk #CookKey launch went. Months in planning. The first time Thermomix have hosted a full on event like this. An ambitious 3 events in 1 day extravaganza. First up the blogger breakfast. It was noisy, funny, chaotic, enthusiastic, joyful. Honestly hard to describe this as work; greeting all my Insta faves with huge hugs. But you see it works because 5 mins in, they’re sharing the Thermomix ❣ with their tribes. What starts as a breakfast for 20 ends up being a masterclass in blogger power as they story their way through the ohhhs and ahhhs of discovering the Thermomix FTFT. Thank you @gingermumblog @lily_soutter_nutrition @inpolife @kesarskitchen @stephaniebrookeslondon @busolaevans @hungermama @mummas_health_hub @that_mummy_smile @scummymummies @alexisconran_official @magiccox @ariannasdaily you’re all brilliant.
Sunday papers review; look at the phone, abandoned as @london_sl2 gets his hands all dirty holding an actual paper.
Then there's the review of The Crown, Burchetts Green which we took #boardingboy to last year (pleased to see we're ahead of the food crowd) And ❤️ to see my gorgeous girl @scarcurtis in the now unmissable @theststyle. Scarlett talking about her pink hair, which I'm proud to say I played my part in by connecting her with @lorealprouk 👊🏼
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