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Deeee-lighted to have curated this beautiful crowd for @oasisfashion at their flagship @oasis_tcr 22 Tott Cd Rd 23.12.17.
I call it Pukka, Plates, Podcast & Poetry. We start at 11am with @mother_pukka talking flex and signing her book Parenting The Sh*t Out Of Life, 1pm @lily_soutter_nutrition is up to guide us on how to get thru the festive season canapé maze, @iamalisonperry will be recording her podcast live in conversation with @dresslikeamum at 3:30pm and taking us into the evening is @charlycox1 and her poetry. Just 30 tickets per workshop, please DM to arrange. #Pukka #Plates #Podcast #Poetry Venue baby and buggy friendly and drinks and treats provided by
12 years ago, after #boardingboy was born, I asked my boss if I could come back to work but; working from home, only when he slept and even then, only if I felt like/could do it.
Amazingly, especially for the time (👋🏼 2005) he said yes. It was that style of working that spurred me to set up my consultancy and I’ve never looked back. So when I see @pregnant_then_screwed and @mother_pukka calling out for employers to be flexible and employees to ask for flexibility I am right there cheering it on. I know I might be seen as one of the lucky ones, and yes in many respects I was. But let me caveat that the same, seemingly fwd thinking, boss drew a sharp intake of breath when I said I was PG and said the sort of things you’re def not meant to say (again, 👋🏼 2005). And don’t think that I was some serious negotiator, it was actually more out of naivety than anything. I literally asked for what I thought I could do around my 👶. And even though he’s now 12, I’m still making work, work around him. Here I am in my 🏉 watching boots and my more showy boots for a client meet later in town. All I’m saying is, try and ask for what you want. There’s masses of support on here to help you try and achieve that. I’m also v happy to offer advice. 💋
It’s been a very happy, Halloween half term with my #boardingboy.
When I first started working for myself managing holidays was always a struggle and I see lots of my fave biz people on here sharing their frustration of the parenting/work juggle. It’s as if we want everything we’re juggling to land neatly in our hands. But that’s impossible so just keep going, you’ll get there and your family will benefit hugely from you at least giving it a go. 🍁
Today was all about the #flusher or #binner campaign.
Come on people fess up, which one are you? I swear I was told by my biology teacher you could flush tampons. In fact I never really knew what those sanny (smelly) bins were in the loo? Turns out though that you CANNOT flush tampons. They make a bloody mess of our water systems and end up on the beaches or even worse, according to @mother_pukka’s mum they get tangled up in Barry the 🐙. So when @fablittlebag asked me to get involved in their campaign to #screwthetaboo and talk about flushing versus binning I was thrilled to invite some of the brightest and cleverest women I know to spark the debate. @bryonygordon @mother_pukka kicking it off for us over on their walls.
Sorry @steph_dontbuyherflowers had to just chop your head off a bit here, but only to show off your awesome engagement numbers and from some pretty hefty Insta players (@mother_pukka @mother_of_daughters I’m looking at you).
Steph’s @stokepark having a babymoon before number 3 arrives. As you can see she’s making the most of the ginormous bed which she may have now left but only to transfer to the massage table. Anyway, whilst Steph’s benefiting from the luxury of Stoke Park and they’re benefiting from her lovely creative, I’m showing off about how #makingconnections works.
This isn’t me on the loo, my legs are def not that lean!
This is the incredible @shona_vertue who I had the absolute pleasure of connecting with @fablittlebag #flusherorbinner campaign Shona’s Insta feed is all sorts of beautiful, and not just with her insane body, but her smile and infectious inspiration is just amazing. Thanks Shona for taking part in our FAB day. 💋🙌🏼 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TAMPONS - DO YOU BIN OR FLUSH? So I've always been a binner, but based on a recent survey held by @fablittlebag and mumsnet 60% of women in the U.K. still flush! If you are a flusher you may not realise that it's really bad for both plumbing and the environment - on the flip side, sometimes you get to a toilet with no bin! Then what? Wrap it in toiletpaper and smuggle it in your handbag? I've been working with an awesome, environmentally focused brand @fablittlebag who have created a genius contraption that helps with waste management in a bag that is biodegradable. Please check them out and please also stop flushing, we really don't want to be chocking out marine-life with our used tampons (it's a graphic image but that's the sad truth of it). Ps. Yes Mooncups are amazing but if your crimson wave is more like a crimson tsunami, it's just not possible - anyone else tried and failed with the moon cup?
Much earlier this year I went to a conceptual focus group with @trinnywoodall to hear about her new make up range which was in development.
The key element that stood out for me was Trinny’s desire to have a stack of portable, travel friendly make up pots you added to/took away depending on what you needed. As with most of the best ideas, its genius was in its simplicity. And I also liked the tactile, click clack function of them connecting together. Today Trinny launches @trinnylondon and I’d say it’s well worth a look and a feel and a play. Alongside Trinny and I is my gorgeous sis in law @nicolebrough 💋
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