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Did the event even happen if you didn’t get a shot of the influencer doing a shot of the food?
This is @the_colour_file and this is my little #whatinotice about Martha list; • Martha is the first (and she won’t be the only) but the v first person to have written a whole book about the #shelfie • Martha is a journalist and like lots in her trade started to feel the impact of social and it worried her. Did she winge or complain about it? Nope she wholeheartedly joined in and used her skill to write a book on a rising social phenomenon • See the little knot to the side of her jumper - cute and cool way to cinch in (she’s happy to reveal she stole this from @doesmybumlook40) • Martha talks about #shelfies as a form of mindfulness and that really appeals to me and I guarantee this is going to be a huge topic for 2019 • Martha loved her food so much at the @miele_gb interiors dinner she took this photo to remember it forever
You know when you read a book and you bore all your holiday mates about it? 🙄🤓 This has been me this week, but I’m not apologising because @crouchy’s autobiography has been an absolute joy.
How To Be A Footballer is full of witty and intelligent insights into the beautifully game and his whole chapter on Steven Gerrard is a real tear jerker. Can you all just imagine me nodding along with agreement when he describes how footballers and social media should mix? “You want real, a lightness of touch and the occasional hapless mistake.”
Come back with me to the days when Twitter ruled and YouTube stars, such as @tanyaburr were absolute trail blazers in grasping these social platforms with all their creativity and showing us just what was possible - and often up against everyone saying ‘so you just faff about at home making videos and people watch them?
?’ . Well yes, people did (still do) watch, in their hundreds of thousands (now millions). When I first suggested to @thermomixuk that we look to earn coverage with social media it was met with some, understandable, trepidation. But they went with my instinct and off we go to Tanya and Jim’s house to introduce them to the TM5. This was also back in the day when you’d gift with no pre arranged ‘coverage in return’ it was all just done on the trust model. Tanya could not have been more charming and attentive as we showed her round the Thermomix and we left them to it. Some weeks later I literally flew into @london_sl2’s office saying “my Twitter is in meltdown, @tanyaburr’s sat next to her Thermomix”. Awwww sounds sweet now when I write it down. Good old Twitter. Really though what I’m trying to say is a) I won’t have anyone say any different, @tanyaburr is an absolute genius for understanding social way before most of us and b) trust your instincts
#throwbackthursday A year ago I cast this crew for a day of workshops @oasisfashion.
And then today this is exactly what they’re up to 12 months on; @mother_pukka is bringing her #flexappeal campaign to the Welsh Assembly and will be leading her flash mob in Cardiff tmw (if you get the chance you must join in) @charlycox1 with a significant best seller in her armour now, was on @bbcwomanshour this morning @iamalisonperry is just 2 weeks away from giving birth to her baby twins 👶 👶 @lily_soutter_nutrition has continued all year to run incredible nutrition workshops for brands and is now doing an MSc And me? I’m still creating campaigns and casting talent for brands and, if I get it right, the crews are still as strong as this one 👊🏼 💋🙌🏼💯👌🏼
Oi @kvhcasting do what my bag says and #CallMe because I’ve told the @2lgstudio all about you 😘
Gorgeous to meet this pair at the @riverislandpr homewares launch. The boys talked about how often clients’ homes are nothing like how they dress - struck a cord with me as sadly no animal prints chez Brough - why is that @london_sl2 ??? Also drank🥂 with @gold_is_a_neutral and @littlebigbell - fabulous evening - watch out fashion because Interiors is coming home
You may have noticed that half of Instagram was in Greece this Summer.
Complete coincidence that we were there, courtesy of @azagas and family. But we took our ‘work’ seriously and sought out the best Slouvaki, the most stunning sunsets and became experts at hopping on and off boats and into the crystal water. In Athens I learnt that the Ancient Greeks were the first civilisation to celebrate the creativity of mankind and that the individual was perceived as an independent person and of high value. That seems like a tremendous approach to take into this new year - #backtoschool #backtowork #backtothegrind I’m going to be more like the Greeks - I’ll be me and you be you. PS for some more professional photos of Greece and especially Hydra, where we were, have a look @amelialiana 📷 and also @katyhillmyworld who did the most amazing island hopping tour.
Is this going to be the #ChristmasAd of the year?
Will it make record sales for Elton and @johnlewisandpartners? Did it break social as it spread gloriously across the networks yesterday? I don’t know. But I just have to 👏🏼 @johnlewisandpartners and all involved (especially my sis in law @ronanejessica who cast it) for continuing to push the benchmark for excellence in their comms. Not only did they create a beautiful piece of film but to THEN add the BTS experience AND invite all the social crew down to promote that. Well - my Christmas just came early! Gorgeous and brilliant and clever. 💗
Who recognises these legs?
They’re more commonly seen clad in Lycra performing some incredible feat of strength or skateboarding next to the beaches on Australia. They belong to the body of an absolute warrior who lives and breathes the virtues of a healthy lifestyle. This is, of course, @shona_vertue on the loo, asking her tribe if they’re binners or flushers for a campaign with @fablittlebag. I cast this project last year, it actually took a long time fo find the perfect crew to talk about periods and the whole messy business of sanitary disposal. Shona, as it turned out was already a @fablittlebag user, so v well equipped to educate on how we just mustn’t be flushing and only, ever binning. I for one love this pic of Shona coz it’s the one pose of hers I can copy with ease 🤓
This is a throwback to a campaign I ran with @warehouseuk back in June.
I had to gather some stats to show a potential client what an influencer campaign looked like. It’s easy on the eye to look at these sunny, glossy pictures captured by the fabulous crew that made up this trip. What’s satisfying and especially important from the business end is to analyse the stats; 250,000 Insta story views were clocked up on this 24 hour trip and 20,000 engagements and comments from the main feed posts. Thank you @sophiestanbury @lizzieloveshealthy @lobellaloves_jo @inpolife @ultimategirlgang @stylemesunday for your company and creativity.
Some sense of routine and back-to-work-itis has resumed in this house.
Courtesy of #boardingboy being on a pre season ⚽️ course and a bit of rain to keep me indoors, and therefore able to clear through emails faster than my tan is fading 😔 Couldn’t be happier to ease myself back to the day job than with a meeting with @mrsfroggyfletcher and her divine #brandnew #soontobelaunched @babybarebubbles Some 18 months in the making, via 2 pregnancies and 3 babies (all hers! ) this is one of the most impressive projects I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of. Just look at these beautiful boxes, with illustrations from @that_mummy_smile - product coming next week and launch happening as soon as we can all get back into a proper routine and stop this silly holiday nonsense
Every morning I wake at 6am.
It's too early for me, especially since I don't have to get up for #boardingboy. I know I sld get another hour but then I reach under my pillow (yes that's where I keep it) and I do a merry dance from Insta 🔁 twitter 🔁 emails. This morning I was struck by @thestyleeditor post about authenticity being the new influence. Yeeeesss 💯. As someone who connects brands to talent increasingly I'm looking for people that really know what they're talking about and have an audience that listens. Less of the big follower numbers, more of the threads. I was about to make a stylised image of this authenticity quote but thought I should live it, rather than just say it. This is me, squinting coz I can't see the phone properly and worried I've wasted 2 hours of what should have been sleep by scrolling these squares.
Fish bones.
That’s all the flesh taken off the fish. The bit you’d throw away. Deep fried and served on a plate. Partly wondering if we’re being served a portion of the Emperor’s New Clothes - but always keen to try something new - we went for it. Turns out it really is a delicacy and rather rare as you have to have absolutely the freshest bones. It was absolutely delicious - especially dipped in a bit of chilli ponzu. Marvellous @chisoulondon 👏🏼 Who fancies taking on the deep fried fish bone challenge - who’s coming with me next time?
I’m not too proud to admit I’ve had an absolute girl crush on Anna @mother_pukka since....forever.
🤓 At first she got me with her witty banter about #parentingtheshitoutoflife and then, well....then she really starting pushing my buttons talking about #flexappeal I won’t even dare say I ‘cast’ Anna for this @oasisfashion event (November 2017), because truth is I sort of whispered it with a bit of hope 🙏🏼 and 🤞 Of course she accepted and arrived at the Oasis flagship to a packed room - because it’s not just me who thinks she’s wonderful. Anna asked me what she should talk about - this was 12 months ago - and although her book was just out, what Anna really wanted to get into was helping people work to a timetable that suits them. There is masses and masses and masses of eloquent, intelligent, head-nodding info about #flexappeal on @mother_pukka’s feed - anyone under a rock not following, go there now. In this particular clip, Anna is talking about how she made that decision to quit work after just saying ‘sorry’ to everyone; most of us can recognise that feeling, when in an attempt to do everything, you’re actually getting not a lot of it right. Now Anna is on a UK wide tour with @mcdonaldsuk offering amazing advice and insight on flexible working - if you get the chance to hear her speak, please go. You won’t be sorry.
The 🦅 eyed amongst you (and EVERYONE I’ve spoken to 🙄
) will know we are in the middle of a 🏠 renovation. @katrina_burroughs rightly discusses the rise of Instagram and its key interiors influencers as the main source of home deco inspo in @sundaytimeshome today. Of course I am pouring over my fave accounts, including @_lisa_dawson_ @2lgstudio @patirobins @melanielissackinteriors @sophierobinsoninteriors @gold_is_a_neutral @pinkhouseliving and nabbing their ideas. But whilst I am slap bang in the middle of the work what I’m looking for is advice on how to cope with the mess and the dust and the disruption. I’m only 2 weeks in but I’ve already got some tips I will share here; number 1 - however desperate you get, don’t use the washing up liquid that’s hanging out in your bathroom because that’s your make shift sink now - for shampoo 🙈 Even if it is the fancy Waitrose one - antibacterial washing up liquid ain’t gonna make my locks shine
If you know.
You know. Hands up if you know who I’m talking about with my sis @charlottebreen63? 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a meteoric rise to Insta fame. And with her own army and can we talk about her nails and how much do I envy her sparkling sink?? I’ve spent a lot of my week talking about and watching and just being amazed by
Inspired by this beautiful piece from @rebecca_strickson_illustration commissioned by @hollytucker as part of her #campaignshopsmall I wonder if I can buy every single present from an independent this year?
I’m specifically looking for gifts for tricky teens (the teens themselves not so tricky 😉 but gifts for this age really are), my parents who really don’t need any more stuff but I want to treat them and then my tribe of sisters who love anything beauty/homewares. If you’ve got products or recommendations in these areas please tag and I’ll thoroughly enjoy shopping 🤗
I’ve been taking #boardingboy to work with me since he was born - he was the inspiration for me to start working on my own.
This job from last Summer was for @oasisfashion and their collaboration with @zsllondonzoo - I cast a trip to Whipsnade with @steph_dontbuyherflowers @cheltenhammaman and @theonlygirlinthehouse . What I loved about this campaign was that, with it being bang in the middle of the holidays, the idea was to give the mums and their kids a whole day out together. And I got to bring my boy with me too. He had such a gorgeous day with Jess’s boys and her and I chatted like old friends - reminds me Jess, we need another meet up? And for the record there really is so much to see at Whipsnade that to capture a picture where everyone is looking was entirely intentional 😉
Had a meeting today I’ve been trying to get to for 12 months.
I don’t mean I’ve taken 12 months to physically get there - that would be one hell of a commute! I mean that it’s been one of those I’ve been scrapping away at for a year - you know when you’re basically pestering via pseudo polite ‘check in’ emails and social stalking? So today is the day and despite having planned my outfit the night before, as my mate @blackwhitedenim tells me - literally as @london_sl2 is shouting at me that the 🚖 is here - I change out of my paint splashed and ripped jeans and camo jacket and opt for more formal black trews and pinstripe. I just thought what if the ‘trendy’ outfit completely puts him off and that’s the reason I don’t get the job? (Completely irrational and all my own self sabotage 🤯) No time to change my bag so grab the 🐆print @giftpopboutique and go. First thing he says when he arrives at said, long-awaited meeting ‘love your bag’. 👊🏼👊🏼 And PS he’s in jeans and a tee - never again am I talking myself into some corporate con-formative outfit.
How fantastic is @drranj - I just love love love him.
Actually sat here marvelling at how bloody well he did - I haven’t even watched the score bit yet. I’m just going over and over his dance; his enthusiasm, his hips, his smile. I mean?!?! I’ve had the absolute pleasure of knowing Ranj for a few years and know how much this means to him and also - as with anything he does - how he will throw everything he has at it and be 💯 committed and amazing. Ranj you really are a super hero 👏🏼💋🙌🏼 with v v nifty feet
List of things I’m thinking about as I lean ever so casually against the doorway @stokepark; .
#boardingboy seems settled, almost too much so - we have barely any contact. I know no news is good news, but a bit more insight into, as @london_sl2 puts it “what the hell is going on” would be nice . Building work on 🏠 started today - yikes, we really are living in a building site. That @thermomixuk better come into its own because I’m not living off toast and take-aways . Summer is definitely over as far as work is concerned and so I’m plotting a number of events and campaigns between now and Christmas (yep, I used the C word) and they need finalising and sorting . So how @notaboutthekids managed to get me looking so nonchalant and casual today is a mystery. I think just being photographed by someone who I know is an epic editor and creator helped. Plus she was mega patient and didn’t make me feel like a weirdo
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